Write for us

Finally, azbestguides.com is allowing its lovers to write guest posts on it. But wait, we only accept quality articles and sponsored posts.

Below are a few questions/guidelines you must consider before contacting us:

Question: Do you accept free guest posts?

Answer: No, unfortunately it takes time for us to review and publish content, so we charge a small fee for it.

Question: What minimum words you accept?

Answer: Anything between 700-1000 words is fine.

Question: How can I send you my content or guest post request?

Answer: Email us at:

Question: On what niches you accept content?

Answer: Anything related to our website’s theme including home improvement, health, fishing, outdoor, sports, technology, wellness and more.

Question: What kind of content you don’t accept?

Answer: We strongly reject adult and illegal niches content.

Interested in our guest post? Then get ready to write for us and send us your query here: marketing@azbestguides.com

What benefits you’ll get by contributing on our site?

  • Your content will be available to read by thousands of visitors on our blog.
  • You will get one dofollow backlink to your website.
  • If you’re a content writer then guest post will help you to get new clients.

What’s not allowed in guest post?

  • Low quality or copied content isn’t allowed.
  • Links to spammy/Fishy website will be removed.
  • Content with grammar and spelling mistakes will be rejected.
  • If you will build spammy links to your guest post page, it’ll be removed immediately without any notice.

What you should include in the guest post? Guidelines

  • Use headings: Use proper headings h2, h3 for sub sections of the content.
  • Sub divide: Don’t add long paragraphs, their readability is poor, divide them in shorter paragraphs.
  • Min 1000 words: Don’t just write to complete these words, always add quality in it, and your each sentence must provide value to our readers.
  • Description/introduction: Start with a catchy intro and try adding some research and facts in it, so it’ll not be boring for the reader.
  • Final section: Add a verdict at the end of the post and conclude your whole article and in it.
  • Images: Try adding copyright free images with proper sources mentioned. Minimum 2 images are required and those 2 images must be relevant to the section of article where you’re adding them, don’t just add random images to the topic that doesn’t make sense.