The Best Tool to Cut Chain Link Fence – Chain Link Cutter Reviews 2020

Chain link cutters are kinds of woven fences which are made up of galvanized wire or LLDPE-covered steel wire utilized for over 60 years in encasing private and business spaces as per the Chain Link Fence Manufacturer Institute. It is considered to encourage perimeter insurance on account of its demonstrated quality and solidness, adaptability and simplicity of establishment just as having a corrosion-resistant property. The chain-link cutter is frequently the first choice for in enclosing play areas, terraces and modern industry since it is similarly cost-effective in any event, for higher spaces. Here are some the best chain link cutters.

Best Chain-Link Cutters

1. Tekton 12-inch Bolt Cutter

Tekton bolt cutter

Size: The Tekton jolt cutter accompanies three significant highlights. To begin with, like a bolt cutter, it can slice through jolts and chains in the scope of 5-32 inches. Second, it offers a compound pivot with a super cutting activity as a result of its drop forged, steel jaws made of solidified combination steel.

Efficiency: It makes cutting effective due to its agreeable grasps made of sturdy, cylindrical handles that don’t bend or under work. Its original grip is made of delicate elastic rubber so your hands won’t be stressed. The rubber makes the hold easy and agreeable, and hands won’t hurt either.

Easy to use: This bolt cutter is likewise simple to keep up because its cutting jaws are replaceable. They can also be acclimated to help your grip limit. The Tekton 12 inch jolt cutter was ranked high in the list of bolt cutters. It is simple to use even if you are a first time user and can work well for the professionals too.

Compound Hinge: Compound cutting hinge activity and drop manufactured solidified alloy steel jaws deliver superior cutting force. You don’t have to make a lot of effort due to this quality designed feature.

Agreeable Grips: Solid, high-influence rounded steel handles won’t bend or give under load. Delicate rubber holds offer non-slip comfort.

My opinion

Pros: It consists of Drop forged solidified combination steel jaws. There is a compound cutting activity that requires less exertion. The rounded steel handles with padded non-slip elastic holds

Cons: It may be a little expensive for some users.

2. Neiko 00562A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

Neiko bolt cutter

Chrome molly steel: 30-inch premium Cr-Mo steel jaws slice through harder articles than chrome vanadium steel jolt cutters. Chrome boasts of high-end material and can cut any type of steel.

Solid blades: High-recurrence, heat-treated edges oppose harm and imprints in intensive applications. When the blades are solid, they can cut big sized and small-sized materials without taking much time.

More power less effort: The excellent switch support structure and correctly adjusted cutting edges deliver added influence with less exertion.

Ergonomic handles: Calculated non-slip plastic, finished holds give more prominent control and comfort in cutting. The ergonomic handles make work quicker and faster. The feature is not available in all the cutters which are available in the market today.

Heavy duty: Cuts the hardest jolts, chains, locks, strung poles, wires and numerous different metals

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Pros: High-frequency sharp edges are heat treated to hold additional quality and never dulls and opposes to harm and scratches under hardcore use.


The cutter is not very long-lasting and is a little heavier in size as well. The first time users may have a hard time.

3. Tradespro 831714 14-Inch Bolt Cutter

Tradespro bolt cutter

No-slip hold: The Tradespro bolt cutter is probably the best device for cutting steel wall due to many factors. One is it is agreeable, and other is no-slip hold.

Economical: It is less expensive, contrasted with other 14-inch jolt cutters. It is made of warmth treated, durable carbon steel development, a powdered covering as finish and a mind-blowing warranty.

Size and Comfort: It is a decent cutter since its slicing jaws are additionally solidified to hold wire edges longer. With 14 inches in overall length, it saves time since you can cut high steel in one reach.

Useful: As it is small in size, you can store it anywhere. It can likewise serve other home crises besides cutting chain joins.

Sharp and effective: It is not only sharp and effective but can store well because of the short handles. If you just need it for around the house cutting whenever you require, this works well.

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Pros: Kawasaki officially licenses the product. It is made using the highest quality standards

Cons: It may not be able to cut large and hard steel very efficiently even though the makers claim that it does. The size is also not very agreeable.

4. HK Porter 0190 MCD 24 inches Link Bolt Cutter

HK Porter link bolt cutter

Efficiency: The HK Porter stands apart as a wire cutter since it was explicitly evolved utilizing a best in class PC supported innovation to give it a twofold compound activity framework. 

Functional: The new technology makes it undeniably progressively productive and functional as contrasted with conventional jolt cutters. It is also an economical choice for many.

Capacity: It is useful for overwhelming wire cutting in building locales and other mechanical territories since it is outfitted with another sharp edge innovation which makes its cutting capacity increasingly trustworthy.

Design: This is because it is built with detail-designed HK Porter acceptance solidified focus cutting edges with a crew type change by adjusting the sharp edge hole. It likewise accompanies cylindrical; power connects steel handles which offers you a 30% decrease in cutting exertion.

Suitable for many purposes: This cutter is suitable for fasteners, poles, screws, chain, baling wire, electric wire, lock hasps, steel wall and much more. Precision ground, acceptance solidified cutting edges for broadened edge life and cutting hard materials.

My opinion

Pros: It doesn’t require much of an effort to cut materials of different sizes.

Cons: It is not very suitable for the chain-link fence and requires a lot of time in handling it. Some people have complained that it is not very long-lasting and doesn’t have a warranty either.

Tekton 12-inch Bolt Cutter

Tekton bolt cutter


Bolt cutters should be reliable, secure and should be able to get the job done. Given that, here are a few highlights to search for while thinking about any jolt shaper.

Bolt Cutter Size

Bolt cutters arrive in an alternate size. Regularly, the size is estimated from the tip of the handle to the cutting edge, which can extend somewhere in the range of 12 to 45 inches. If you are purchasing jolt cutters for individual use, at that point it’s more probable you might be proposed to utilize it in cutting home locks; exercise centres storage spaces, and extra closets.

A large portion of these locks and chains are by and large ¼ inch in measurement. For these utilization case situations, purchase a 24-inch smudge shaper, which has a cutting limit of 5/16 inch. For cutting thicker bolts and chains, you can utilize jolt cutters that are 26 to 38-inch long.

Remember that the more extended the size of the jolt cutters, for the most part, the thicker metal bars you can cut. Be that as it may, bigger size jolt cutters likewise become cumbersome and substantial.

Cutting Type

You can make various kinds of cut with jolt cutters, for example, edge cut, scissors cut, focus cut, or shear cut—the sort of cut wards on the kind of material and how it’s solidified. For instance, if you need to cut the metal fence, at that point, you should utilize scissors cut style jolt cutters, which are typically lightweight and progressively agreeable to deal with.

Bolt Cutters Blade

The nature of the jolt shaper sharp edge decides how effectively you can cut the metal piece, and to what extent it might last. The sharp edge quality relies upon the material utilized in making a cutting edge, the procedure used to solidify it, and the plan of the module.

Most cutters sharp edge is produced using treated steel as its hearty, sturdy, and forestalls rusting. To additionally solidify these cutting edges, so it doesn’t get gruff after rehashed use, these sharp edges are heat treated. In heat treatment, the steel is warmed at high temperature and afterwards immediately chilled off. This procedure is called extinguishing, and it brings about tempered steel to get hard.

Jolt Cutter Handle

Utilizing an ergonomically structured jolt shaper handle makes it simpler and agreeable for cutting. It likewise improves influence and handgrip when reducing thicker bolts or wires. Utilizing a long handle that gives the best use and high load to length proportion is a significant thought. The handle material can be either made of aluminium, steel, or cast iron. For a lightweight and sturdier alternative, the aluminium-made shaper handles works best.

To lessen the opportunity of rankles when utilizing a jolt shaper, search for the material used in the grasp handle. A solid non-slip hold handles made of elastic is commonly the best alternative.

Cutter Adjustability

For more noteworthy adaptability, utilizing a flexible jolt shaper permits you a more extensive cutting reach. The manageable jolt shaper slices through various thicknesses and materials.

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