4 Best Files for Sharpening an Axe

An axe is an essential tool for cutting woods, splitting, shaping up or smoothing the woods. If it’s blunt, it’s useless like a dog’s skin. It doesn’t deliver the required performance. Well, for keeping your axe sharp and workable, you need a good file that could sharpen the axe if it gets blunt anytime. Here, I have selected a few best files for sharpening an axe. Go through the features and select a suitable one for you.

Reviews of the Best Files for Sharpening an axe

1. Helko Werk Dual Sided Axe Sharpening File

Helko file

Type: Single-cut pattern

Length: 9 Inches

Construction: High-carbon steel

This axe-sharpening file is made in Germany. You can buy it for touch-ups, finishing and deburring instantly. The total length of the tool is around 9 inches. It weighs only 3.9 oz for easy handling. The axe-sharpening file is made of C125W2 high carbon tool steel that makes it reliable and durable for years. You can use it from both sides. The front side has a single-cut fine tooth pattern that’s fine for finishing, touch-ups or deburring. The bottom side has a double-cut tooth pattern for rapid sharpening or reprofiling. The metal handle is non-slippery and easy to grip while working. You can use it for long time without getting tired.

  • Efficient for sharpening axe
  • High Carbon steel construction
  • Non-slippery handle
  • Dual side functioning
  • No thick handle

Our Opinion:

It’s a good option for people who have single-cut and double-cut axe. You can use it from both sides to sharpen axe. It’s a long and lightweight file for sharpening axe. Due to durable construction, you can use it for a long time.

2. Smith’s 50582 Axe and Machete Sharpener

Smith's axe sharpening file

Type: Dual sharpener

Length: 7.3 inches

Construction: Premium Carbides

It’s a multifunctional tool to sharpen axe, hatchet, and machete instantly. You can sharpen any tool with a few easy pulls. The thick and durable handle is made of high-quality plastic and ensures an anti-slippery grip while working. However, the handle is extra wide and you can use it with gloves. The wide handle has a hidden pocket to keep a cleaning brush, wire bristles, and a big safety guard. It’s easy to use due to the double-sharpening tooth design.

  • Reliable for years
  • Thick anti-slippery handle
  • Dual-sharpening tooth design
  • Durable construction
  • Can’t hold extra wide handle without gloves

Our Opinion:

It’s greatly efficient tool to sharpen axe, hatchet and matchete, etc. You can sharpen the tools without exerting much pressure. The product is made of high-quality material for longevity. The handle is extra wide and non-slippery. It’s a perfect addition to your tool box for sharpening different tools.

3. Gransfors Bruks Axe Sharpening File

Gransfors axe sharpening file

Type: Double-cut pattern

Length: 3 inches

Construction: High-quality steel

It’s a 3 inches long file with thin shape. The blade has dual-side cut pattern to sharpen and to grind from both sides. The handle is around 2 1/2 inches long. This compact axe-sharpening file is perfect for camping. It weighs only 3.2 oz for an easy mobility. The cover of the file is made of full grain-leather. The durable steel construction ensures longevity of the tool.

  • Durable tool
  • Compact size for easy mobility
  • dual-side cut pattern
  • Best for sharpening and grinding
  • full-grain leather covering
  • very small handle to grip

Our Opinion:

It’s a compact tool to keep with you while camping or travelling. You can use it for grinding and sharpening purposes. The dual-sharpening tooth design ensures a quick sharpening with a few pulls. You don’t need to put much effort for sharpening axe and hatchet. The design is compatible to use on all types of axe, knives and other things.

4. Nicholson 06706N FILE,8″,AXE,CDD,203mm

Nicholson axe sharpening file

Type: Dual-cut pattern

Length: 8 inches

Construction: Steel

Weight: 6.4 oz

It’s an American axe-sharpening file that’s made of high-quality steel. You can sharpen the axe and other garden tools by using it. One one side, it has a double-cut tooth design and the other side has a single-cut tooth design. You don’t need to put effort for sharpening tools while using it. The rectangular shape makes the filing work faster with a few easy pulls. The file is 8 inches long for a convenient grinding and sharpening tasks. The safe edges of the file enusres a damage-free work on a restricted confine. You can keep this compact tool with you while camping. It has a non-slippery metal handle. The tool is only 0.25 inches high.

  • Compact file
  • Durable material
  • Dual-sharpening tooth design
  • Fast sharpening and grinding
  • Best for camping
  • Thin handle doesn’t make your grip comfortable

Our Opinion:

The compact design and efficient work has made it distinguished among other axe-sharpening tools. It comes with grinding and sharpening facility. You can use it from both sides. The durable constructions makes it your long time partner for sharpening axe, knives, and other gardening tools.

Smith’s 50582 Axe and Machete Sharpener

Smith's axe sharpening file

Buying Guide

Some axe-sharpening files are less and others are highly beneficial. Here, make a wise choice by following some important tips. Not all the axe-sharpening files are of the same quality. Check the guide here and follow it while purchasing an axe-sharpening file.

Building Quality

Check the formation of the file. If it’s sturdy and can be durable for a long time, it’s a good selection. Don’t select a file made of iron. Go for stainless steel or a hard metal file because it has longevity.


The size shouldn’t be moderate for easy handling. Don’t select a file that’s too large or too small. It should be according to the size of the edge of axe.

Comfortable Handle

Check the handle before purchasing it. Make sure; you select a file with a comfortable handle. If it has a thin or slippery handle, you can’t hold it for a long time. Select a non-slippery and comfortable handle for an easy grip. Since you will use it for axe sharpening, it should have a big and anti-slippery handle.


Make sure it comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. Furthermore, it has an easy shipping process. Don’t select a file without a warranty because it won’t be very much reliable.


Check the reviews of the current customers on your desired axe-sharpening file. If the customers don’t put good words for that product, don’t select it.

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