Penn Clash vs Spinfisher: Which is Best?

Without a high-quality spinning reel, you can’t do fishing. It requires a sturdy and well-designed spinning reel to catch fish without facing annoying situations.

If you research for a tough, well designed and sturdy saltwater spinning reel, Penn is the only name that comes to the mind. It offers reliable and sturdy spinning reels. If you don’t know which is good for you among Penn Clash or Spinfisher, here is a complete comparison between the two. Check and select the best one according to your requirements.

Penn 1481260 Spinfisher VI Spinning Saltwater Reel

Penn 1481260 Spinfisher VI Spinning Saltwater Reel

  • Best for saltwater
  • Watertight spinning reel
  • Sturdy and heavier reel
  • Sealed HT-100 Slammer drag system of the reel
  • 5 bearings
  • Ready superline spool

Penn Clash Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Clash spinning reel

  • Solid construction
  • HT-100 carbon fibre drag
  • 8-ball bearings for smooth dragging of line
  • Leveline Oscillation system
  • Ready-to-go spool

A Comparison of Features


The range of the two products is a bit different. Penn Clash range is between 2000 – 8000. On the contrary, the Spinfisher has a bit higher range that starts at 3500 and goes up to 10500. Now, you can see the visible difference in the length of both spinning reels.

The body and colour of both products are the same. However, the Clash comes with black finishing. On the other hand, the Spinfisher V has golden finishing and black drag adjuster. Here, the Spinfisher V has a more sturdy design.

Line Capacity

These reels have wide line capacity rings on the spool. Both have braid-ready products and you don’t need a backing before you spool the braided line on the spinning reel.


The clash comes with 8 stainless steel bearings for a lifetime smooth spinning experience. On the contrary, Spinfisher V comes with 5 shielded stainless steel bearings. So, the bearings are sturdy in Penn Clash.


Spinfisher and Penn Clash share lots of same features. But the main difference is the efficient work of Spinfisher V. It’s more efficient to handle the corrosive effects of saltwater because the design comes with ultra sealing. The Clash can’t handle the effects of saltwater.

Spinfisher is a bit heavier reel to handle, but equally useful anywhere in the saltwater. On the other hand, Clash is usable only for inshore work. You can’t use it in the saltwater with that efficiency. The casing of the Spinfisher is a bit stronger and durable.

Line Capacity

Spinfisher is the first choice of people due to the larger line capacity. Penn Clash has up to 465 yards of 50 lbs braid. On the contrary, Spinfisher has a larger 750 yards line capacity. So, the Spinfisher should be your first preference in this context.


The Clash comes with a maximum drag of 30 pounds whereas; the Spinfisher comes with 40 lbs drag rating. Here, again, the drag rate of Spinfisher is a bit higher.


Both models come with the same construction, but Spinfisher is a bit heavier than the Penn Clash. It has the ability to handle a heavy reel.

Penn Clash Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Clash spinning reel

Final Verdict:

Penn Clash is a good option for people nearby the coastline. However, Spinfisher can handle the heavy reel and can be more efficient in the saltwater. But Pen Clash will be your first choice if you are fond of fishing for hours because it has a light reel. Spinfisher has a heavier reel and it can cause fatigue at the end of the day. So, you can use any of them according to your preference.

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