Objective Sodastream Play Review

The SodaStream Play is an economical yet exquisite and modern-day looking soda maker that intently takes after the SodaStream Source. The Soda Maker Club prescribes it to individuals who are searching for an appealing and proficient soft drink machine that won’t break the bank. The SodaStream Play is a lightweight home carbonation machine that makes it simple for you to make your shining water and soda. It utilizes an unclogger to carbonate beverages, and you can press it on various occasions to redo the measure of the bubble in your drinks.

The SodaStream Play includes a one of a kind blocky shape and comes in brilliant red, dark, and white. It is additionally the main SodaStream machine made out of 100% plastic, settling on it an astounding decision for voyaging.

SodaStream soda water maker


  • Bottle Lock Mechanism: Snap-lock
  • Size: 5.2″W x 16.5″H x 9″D
  • Refill Method: SodaStream Carbonators (60L or 130L)
  • Construction: Plastic
  • Warranty: multi-year restricted guarantee
  • Slide and Snap Lock Mechanism
  • Compatible with Large Plastic Bottles
  • Compatible with Large Carbonate

In-Depth SodaStream Play Soda Water Maker Review

SodaStream has certainly refined its strategy with the SodaStream Play, which isn’t just the lightest SodaStream model accessible yet additionally one of the best. It includes a slide and snap-lock component that permits you to slide the jugs into place with no problem at all. A considerable button controls the carbonation, and you can siphon it on various occasions to redo the measure of carbonation in each jug.

Its blocky structure additionally implies that the SodaStream can hold either the standard 60L carbonator or a 130L carbonator and makes this model perfect for soft drink lovers. You can likewise utilize both 1L and 0.5L sans BPA plastic containers.

Shockingly, the snapping lock system on the SodaStream Play isn’t in the same class as it on other SodaStream models, giving this machine a limited lifetime. A few clients have even announced breaks inside the first not many occasions they use it.

The other disadvantage of the SodaStream Play is that it doesn’t highlight the LED markers better quality SodaStream models use to follow carbonation. This implies you’ll need to gauge carbonation dependent on what number of air pockets you observe, making it harder to alter beverages to your particular tastes.

The SodaStream Play will have the entire family rising with thoughts: shining water with lemon for a refined end of the week lunch; innovative mixed drinks for a young ladies night in; or fun and fruity blends as a sound decision for the children!

It’s easy to utilize, and with shining water close by, the opportunities for delectable, inventive, and sound soft drinks are perpetual!

Attempt SodaStream shining water with cucumber, mint, and lime for a midyear morning boost. What about including chia seeds and solidified berries for a zingy treat that gives you an extraordinary omega help simultaneously? Include nectar, lemon and ground ginger for a purifying wellbeing kick, or a sprinkle of a SodaStream season for a delectable treat.


The SodaStream Play utilizes either a 60L or 130L SodaStream carbonator that, as their name infers, takes into account carbonation of generally 60L of water or 130L (most clients do anyway report around the 50L or 120L territory). Void carbonators can be traded for full ones at different retailers; for example, select Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, Target, and so on. Each trade costs $14.99 (60L) or $29.99 (130L), yet there are less expensive DIY alternatives.

How does it work?

When you’ve introduced the carbonating chamber, which is a little fiddly, you’re all set. You fill the 1L bottle with cold water, embed the neck of the jug into the SodaStream, and adjust it properly – there’s no winding the jar into place like with specific models. At that point, you push down on the “carbonating blocker” for 1-2 seconds for gently bubbled water. You can press a second time for “medium bubble” and a third time for “high bubble.” After each burst, permit the carbonating square to come back to its beginning position at that point tilt and evacuate the container.

Now you can enhance the water. There are heaps of SodaStream-marked syrups, which are about $10 for a 500ml container that will season 12L of bubbly water. Or on the other hand, you can season with your own natively constructed syrups or syrups and cordials from different brands.

The Play ($139.99) accompanies just one carbonating bottle, yet you can purchase additional items – they’re about $20 for a two-pack. It attends a carbonating chamber that can gently bubble up to 30 liters of water. On the off chance that you like your water too sparkly, you’ll discharge the chamber quicker: we made just 8-10L of super-shimmering water (utilizing three blasts for each jug) before the chamber ran out.

The uplifting news is the Play accompanies a free move up to a 60L chamber. You take the void 30L chamber (and update voucher) to any SodaStream retailer and swap it for a 60L chamber and pay for the gas just – about $24. Note, you don’t get a similar chamber topped off – the retailer swaps your empty chamber for an entire one and charges you at the cost of the gas. The hollow chambers get sent back for topping off.

You can purchase additional chambers if you need to save. The 30L size expenses $40, and the 60L size expenses $60.

Will you save money?

SodaStream-marked flavor syrups cost about $10 and will make up to 12L of fizzy drink. When you incorporate the expense of gas, you’re paying around $2 a liter in case you’re utilizing the most extreme measure of the bubble (three blasts). What’s more, that is without considering the price tag for the machine. In any case, it is helpful – you can transform faucet water into bubbly water at whatever point you need it. It’s ideal for improvised cocktail parties and for making intriguing non-alcoholic drinks.

Pros: The SodaStream Play is made altogether of plastic, which makes it the lightest SodaStream machine-accessible, perfect for taking on picnics or to other one day occasions.

Cons: The SodaStream Play utilizes without BPA plastic containers as opposed to glass carafes and is completely made of plastic. This is generally a disadvantage if you’ve been attempting to remove plastics of your life.


SodaStream soda water maker

Overall Thoughts on the SodaStream Play Soda Water Maker

In case you’re searching for a soda water maker you can take out and about with you and additionally you would prefer not to spend a great deal of cash on a soft drink producer, the SodaStream Play is a great alternative. It’s likewise an extraordinary decision on the off chance that you need a bigger carbonator, so you don’t need to get costly tops off as regularly.

Then again, if you’re fundamental concern is getting a home soft drink maker that will keep going quite a while; you might need to consider putting resources into one of the more costly SodaStream machines.

The SodaStream Play separates itself through its snap-lock component and stunning appearance, two highlights that can’t be found in any soft drink producer in its value go. Regardless of some carbonation issues, it is the most appealing and productive/simple to utilize soft drink machine that costs under $100.

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