The 8 Most Expensive Fishing Reels You Can Choose From

Having some of the most expensive fishing reels does not guarantee a catch—but it does help a lot. Half of catching the fish is choosing the right reel for the job. You need different kinds of reels for fly fishing or salt and freshwater fishing. No matter how expensive your reel is, if it’s not the right reel for your specific purpose, then you still won’t catch anything.

Many anglers make the mistake of buying expensive reels and not benefiting from them—I’ve been a victim too. This list is to guide fishermen and women alike about the most expensive reels and which ones you should buy.

1. The Holy Grail

In the Angling Auctions of 2011, the “Holy Grail” of fishing reels was sold about $58,000.00. While not much is known about this reel, it was made by fishing enthusiast and collector Graham Turner.

Since this reel was one of a kind, it is no longer for sale on the market. It is included in this list because no list of expensive fishing reels will be complete without mentioning this one.

2. ZeeBaaS ZX2-25RS Silver Spinning Reel

ZeeBaas spinning reel

This reel has a durable, lightweight aluminum frame. It’s great for both inshore fishing and offshore wreck fishing and can hold up to 280 yards of 3lb. PP.

It is very resilient to nature—meaning that it is sealed so that sand and water cannot damage it. While it is heavier compared to other models, it has an ultra-smooth drag and it does not reel backward.

Overall, this fishing reel is among the best of its kind.

3. Seigler Reels BF (Big Fly) Lever Drag Fly Reels

Seigler fishing reel

This fishing real is an amazing reel for all you fly fishers out there. With it’s 4.5 in. frame diameter and 1.75 in. frame width, this Seigler Reel can hold really long lines, enough for your fly fishing needs.

The drag to this reel is also very smooth. It was specifically made to catch giant trevallies, tarpons, tuna fish, and other large fish species. Because of the super smooth drag, you won’t need to change hands per cast—just fish!

4. Shimano Stella F1 Spinning Reels

Shimano Stella F1 Spinning Reels

This reel has the most efficient Drivetrain among all the saltwater and freshwater fishing reels. Because of the new Drivetrain technology, the handle is always easy to turn—whether there’s a fish at the end of the line or not.

Because of the sensitivity of the handle, you can feel even the lightest of bites. No more catches getting away undetected!

5. Daiwa Exist Magsealed Spinning Reels

Daiwa Exist Magsealed Spinning Reels

This reel made in Japan is unique because of its mag sealed ball bearings on both sides of the drive gear. It also has a Digigear digital gear design for better usability. Even in harsh saltwater conditions, the magsealed feature of the reel ensures that the reel will not rust or break.

Its aluminum body cover also makes this reel light and usable, anglers get a good deal and an amazing saltwater fishing rod.

6. Shimano Antares Baitcasting Reels

Shimano Antares Baitcasting Reels

The Shimano Antares Baitcasting Reels have a number of. This freshwater fishing reel has a micro module gear system that allows for smooth catches and retrieval.

It also sports Shimano’s newest brake technology making it easier for anglers to pull in fish of all sizes. More than that, it also has cross carbon drag washers, section grips, a recessed reel seat foot, and an escape hatch, among others.

It also has the Super Stopper II roller bearing and the Shielded S-ARB ball bearings for a better break system. Not only that, but these features also give anglers consistent spool control. Consistent brake force is another plus point on this reel.

This Japan-made reel is worth the money. The steep price tag is made up for by the number of features that you get when you purchase this reel.

7. Tibor Signature Series Fly Fishing Reels

Tibor Signature Series Fly Fishing Reels

With over 35 years of designing and producing the best fly fishing reels, Tibor has both seniority and design skills under their belt. sports its own cooling system.

It differentiates itself from other reels by making sure that it stays cool even after long runs. Its ventilated spool and frame give this reel that added a cooling system that makes it worth the price.

8. Tibor STALG Billy Pate Steelhead AR/LH Fly Fishing Reel

Tibor STALG Billy Pate Steelhead AR/LH Fly Fishing Reel

Made from a solid aluminum bar stock, this reel comes with a rim control feature for additional breaking. It also comes with a neoprene case that will make it easier for you to transport the reel without breaking it.

Made and assembled in the United States, this reel is among the best for reels fly fishing to date. this amazing fly fishing reel will give you a run for your money.

This maintenance-free reel will also let you enjoy the wonders of fishing without having to worry about cleaning it or fixing it. It can withstand the harshest fly fishing environments.

If you don’t believe us, then check out this reel’s history. Anglers have broken over 225 records with this reel alone. Even though it’s a little pricey, this reel is worth it.


Whatever kind of Angler you are, take note that you do not need to have the most expensive fishing reels to catch the fish. The best reels depend on their make and structure, not their price.

You are the master of your own rod. If you cast the line just right, you’ll get a bite and pull out your catch, no matter what fishing reel you use.

We hope that you found this article useful and informative. The most expensive fishing reels have more features but are not necessarily the best.

Don’t forget to let us know what your favorite fishing reels are in the comment below. Remember, expensive does not mean quality—just fish your heart out!​


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