iSpring RCC7 Review

The iSpring RCC7 is an under sink 5 stage water filtration system based on the reverse osmosis process. It can remove up to 98% of impurities, including arsenic, chlorine, lead, calcium, sodium, and more.

It is one of the higher capacity systems that can produce 75 gallons of filtered water per day.

Also, it is a less expensive product and easy to install and maintain.

iSpring RCC7 Water Filtration System

iSpring RCC7



Filter Type: The iSpring RCC7 is an under sink RO water filtration system and water softener.

No. of Filtration Stages: There are five water filtration stages altogether that remove various contaminants and impurities from your incoming water.

Filter Media: Five filtration stages include five different filter mediums. One is the PP (Polypropylene) Sediment filter, second is the GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filter, and the third one is the CTO (Carbon Block filter).

The other remaining stages feature an RO membrane and a Post Carbon filter.

Removal of Impurities: It can remove up to 99% of more than 1,000 contaminants from your incoming water.

The three pre-filters that include PP Sediment, Carbon KDF (GAC), and Carbon Block filters are designed to remove large contaminants from water and protect the RO membrane from damages caused by chlorine and chloramine.

The 0.0001 micron RO membrane is the heart of the filtration system that makes water free from other remaining contaminants and impurities. Through this RO membrane, only water molecules can pass.

The last stage features a Post Carbon filter that polishes the water before delivering it through the faucet.

Production Capacity: The iSpring RCC7 has a production capacity of 75 gallons of water per day.

Waste Water Ratio: Its wastewater ratio is the same as the iSpring RCC7AK filter system. It gives one gallon of clean water after wasting 3 gallons of water.

Installation: You can do its installation by yourself in a couple of hours. It easily fits under a standard kitchen sink. Easy to read and understand instructions along with videos will guide you correctly during installation.

Maintenance: It requires low maintenance as the unit is made up of premium quality components. The 1st stage housing is transparent to help you in inspecting the condition of the filter and replacing it timely.

Accessories: If we talk about the accessories come with this unit, then they include a water storage tank and an all-metal brushed nickel faucet. Also, there are 4-color tubings, spare fittings, and O-rings.

Warranty: It is backed by a one-year money-back guarantee and one-year manufacturer warranty.

iSpring RCC7


My Opinion:

Pros: The iSpring RCC7 is a 5-stage water filtration system that works effectively to remove various contaminants from municipal and well water. It has a reasonable price, good production capacity, and easy to install. Also, it can be maintained easily.

Cons: It takes a while to fill one gallon of water even with full pressure.


What is the function of the post-carbon filter, and what is its lifespan?

Post carbon filter comes after the RO membrane that is responsible for removing any possible residual taste and odor from the tank. And if we talk about its lifespan, then it is up to 12 months.

What is the wastewater ratio of iSpring RCC7?

To give you one gallon of filtered water, this iSpring RCC7 filter system wastes 3 gallons of water.

Is iSpring RCC7 recommended for well water?

No, this RCC7 model from iSpring is not recommended for well water as it cannot destroy micro-organisms.

If you use well water and want a filter system recommended for well water, then go for iSpring RCC7 AK-UV or RCC1 UP-AK model.

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