iRobot Roomba 805 vs. 860 vs. 650

In case you’re searching for another vacuum, you’ve presumably seen how robot models are the most mainstream right now. Roomba 805, 860, and 650 may be the top-rated nowadays.

Individuals love them for some reason. However, practicability is most likely the greatest. These are automatically operated and require no interference on your part. It’s advantageous for some reasons, particularly if you don’t have a lot of time to commit to standard cleaning of your floors.

Which one of the three would it be advisable for you to get? iRobot 805, 860, and 650 have a few similarities because they are from the same brand but also have some differences. Both feature innovative and front line technologies that furnish better outcomes easily.

iRobot Roomba 805 vs 850 vs 650 (Comparison Table)

 Top Picks 
Editor's ChoiceiRobot Roomba 805
  • Lightweight

  • Quiet Operation

  • 5x times more cleaning power

iRobot Roomba 860
  • 60 minutes runtime

  • Quiet operation

  • iAdapt Responsive Innovation

iRobot Roomba 650
  • High suction power

  • Good for covered and bear floor

  • Self-charging base


Keep reading as we talk about which one is better, the Roomba 805 versus the 860 versus 650? We’ll investigate their similarities and differences that can help you decide which one is suitable for you.

iRobot Roomba 805 Cleaning Vacuum

Roomba 805 Cleaning Vacuum


Roomba 805 and 860 both have an unusual round shape, like, all the Roomba models. The Roomba 805 comes just in black. It weighs about 8.4 pounds, which is genuinely lightweight for a vacuum cleaner. Its general measurements are 18.2×16.5×5.5 inches.

Roomba 860 comes in silver shading, looking exquisite and smooth. It’s to some degree littler than the 805 models estimating 13.9×13.9×3.6 inches. Its plan and appearance are more attractive than the strong dark of the 805. This one is somewhat lighter in weight at 8 pounds, yet the thing that matters is so little you won’t have the option to see it.

The Roomba 650 is structured in that dependable roundabout style, with practical dark and dim trimmings and a mechanical tasteful. Covering up on the gadget is a pullout handle, which is very convenient for strolling the device here and there the stairs.


The vast majority choose these because they’re unlike in terms of noise when compared to ordinary vacuums. A Roomba robot rarely ever makes any noise, which implies you can let it work overnight while you and your family are sleeping.

The noise the 805 and 860 robots produce is at an average level. Average means you’ll have the option to hear them work, yet not all that it upsets you in any capacity. This vacuum is useful if you have children or any other person who can’t stand the customary noise vacuums consistently make.

Roomba 650 makes noise when it is charging. At the point when it is being used, it makes more noise when contrasted with its different models.

iRobot Roomba 860 Cleaning Vacuum

Roomba 860 cleaning vacuum


Roomba 805 unit has an average power that permits it to deal with some straightforward cleaning. Little chaotic heaps, residue, and soil are what this vacuum handles the best. The 860 model has 5x more power than past iRobot cleaners. It gets those littlest bits of residue that are stuck profoundly into rugs and invisible to your eyes.

Their capacity joined with artistic innovation, and proficient brushes make these two perfect for a wide range of floor materials. Both are likewise incredible for wiping pet hair off of various floors.

Clients love the Roomba 650’s power to successfully clean dirt and residue from exposed floors (hardwood, tile, and so forth.). It’s likewise ultra-effective at getting pet hair. What’s more, when the vacuuming work is accomplished for the afternoon, purchasers’ report that the comfort proceeds, as the residue canister, is brisk and straightforward to discharge.

Battery Life

Both 805 and 860 have a similar battery that furnishes them with as long as an hour of run time. They sense when the battery is going to run out and come back to their docking stations. The battery life of each relies upon numerous things. Various highlights and advances can deplete the battery when being used, so remember that too.

iRobot 650 didn’t refer to in their site or manual to what extent this will run; however, dependent on reviews expect around 30 minutes to two or three hours max. Also the robot itself, the gadget accompanies a self-charging base, battery charger, extra AeroVac channel, and a virtual auto divider.

iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba 650 Cleaning Vacuum

Smart Cleaning Feature

The units include some noteworthy cleaning capacities. The 860 has iAdapt Responsive innovation that encourages it to explore through your home. You can likewise set it to keep away from mess or a few zones you would prefer not to vacuum. There’s also the 3-arrange cleaning framework that joins brushing, suction, and disturbance.

The 805 unit highlights Dirt Detect innovation with sensors that spot territories with concentrated earth. It likewise has the 3-organize cleaning framework in addition to the two dual-mode virtual dividers. This permits the vacuum to stay away from specific zones, stairs, and mess. Its sensors empower the cleaner to comprehend what to clean and what to avoid.

The Roomba 650 is controlled primarily by squeezing the inside Clean catch, which lights up yellow when the gadget is charging and green when the robot is all set. It’s encompassed by five different scores, including one to fire up Spot Cleaning mode that helps to deep clean around the robot’s base, and another for telling the gadget to come back to its dock. The Roomba will dock all alone in the wake of cleaning, nonetheless.

Ease of use

Both 860 and 805 Roomba models are comfortable to utilize and clean. Their controls are effectively reachable, and they have advances and sensors to manage them. All you’ll ever need to do is set a timetable for your robot and figure out which regions it needs to maintain a strategic distance from. Just a single thing is manual with these, and it’s purging the dustbin.

Each model has, to some degree, little receptacle since the units aren’t that large themselves. This implies you’ll need to exhaust the canister.

The Roomba 650 is intended to clean covers, hardwood, tile floors, and overlay floors; it’s likewise publicized as having the option to get pet hair. You can plan up to seven preset cleanings or initiate it for on-the-spot cleaning with a press of a catch.


The 860 has a strongly suggested HEPA channel. This is perfect for individuals inclined to hypersensitivities as it traps all particles of 0.3 microns in size. It keeps air crisp and precise as all the residue gets into the vacuum and remains in there.

The 805 accompanies an AeroForce high-effectiveness channel. It catches 99% of allergens and residue the size of 10 microns.

The filter of 650 is under the canister, and it’s anything but difficult to pull out. The two filters in the bundle are launderable, yet iRobot prescribes supplanting them each 2 to 3 months to keep up suction execution.


We, in general, tend to disregard guarantee; however, it’s among the vital components to consider. iRobot has always included secure warranty deals for their units as it’s the situation with the 805 and 860.

The two models accompany 1-year guarantees from the producer. Be that as it may, the warranty is extremely restricted in the two cases, so you’ll be extra mindful so as not to void it at all.

If the machine quits working or you notice any flaw, the best is to contact the manufacturer before you do anything all alone. Utilizing substitutions parts that aren’t genuine iRobot parts will void the guarantee.

iRobot 650 allows a 1-year guarantee on the robot and a half year on the battery in the entirety of their robot vacuums. They’re acceptable with their return strategy; make a point to utilize this in the wake of getting it to check whether there are any issues or if you have a potential lemon.

iRobot Roomba 860 Cleaning Vacuum

Roomba 860 cleaning vacuum

Final Thoughts

These advanced and inventive robot vacuums can change your daily life—no more tedious vacuuming with cumbersome units that are difficult to move with.

The Roomba 805 is a bit bigger and has its upsides and downsides. It has an excellent cleaning way, but at the same time, it’s somewhat more massive than the 860 one.

With its high rating from most clients and its moderately reasonable price as compared to other robot vacuums, iRobot Roomba 650 for beginners is the right choice. If you have a big house, then 650 wouldn’t be suitable for you. It is also not ideal for commercial areas.

The Roomba 860 is marginally more powerful and, therefore, progressively appropriate for areas with a lot of dirt. It’s optimal for pet hairs and has a HEPA channel. It does through cleaning and is built with innovative and new features. If you plan to get a vacuum cleaner that is perfect for cleaning commercial and residential areas, then Roomba 860 could be perfect for you.

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