How to Store Fishing Rods

A fishing rod is the most crucial equipment while fishing. The significance and value of a fishing rod are the same as the value of the baseball bat for a baseball player. There should be no compromise in keeping your fishing rods safe so you can use them for a longer period and catch your fish quickly. Storing the rods properly also protects them from any unexpected damage.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can store your fishing rods safely after a fishing trip or for an entire season of winters.

Let’s keep your fishing rods safe!

How to Store Fishing Rods

Clean them up

The first step is to clean your fishing rods before storing them. You can use a soft cloth to clean the rods. Soaking it in a mixture of slightly warm water and vinegar helps in more effective cleaning, it also helps in keeping the rods safe from corrosion. It is really helpful if you have been fishing in saltwater.

Take them Apart

If you have been fishing in saltwater, it is recommended that you take apart the fishing line and reel off the rod and clean them with the cloth soaked in water/vinegar mixture. If you are planning to store your fishing rod for a longer time, it is also advised to take them apart and then store. However, if you plan to go fishing again soon, you can store them with the reel and rod attached.

Cleaning the Rod

You can use wax to rub the joints of the rod. These joints are also known as ferrules. Make sure you remove the dirt off the rod. You can use an old toothbrush for this. Removing dirt helps in keeping the rods safe from corrosion and rust from the metallic parts. Give the rod some time to dry before you store it.

Losing the Drag

It is recommended that you loosen the drag completely before storing the rod so that the line does not pull on the rod.

Checking the Rods

Now is a good time to check all the components for any damage or wear and tear. If you find anything out of order, you can repair it according to guides and rod-manuals or seek professional help about it.

Mounting the Rods

When it comes to mounting the rods, there are two options. These options are listed below

Vertical Mounting: Vertical mounting stands are available online and in fishing stores. Vertical racks are great for people who have enough space on the floor. Vertical racks keep the rods easily accessible and consume less time while you are storing them.

Horizontal Racks: For horizontal racks, you would need to drill holes in the wall and then fix up the joints to hold the rods. Vertical racks are perfect for people who are short on space. You can easily adjust all your rods in your garage. You can also fix these joints on the ceiling and save space. Putting and taking off the rods from horizontal racks consumes some time and requires some physical effort too.

Where to Store the Rods?

Another important question is where to store the rods. Your garage, storeroom, or any other place in your home, which is moisture-free, are perfect places for keeping the rods safe. Moisture can destroy the curvature or result in the surface damage of your rods.

Is it a Good Idea to Store the Rods in a Container or Box?

Some people suggest that you can store the rods in a container or a storage box. This is only true when you are traveling as it can protect the rods from damage and pressure. For long time storage, it is not recommended as it can cause moisture build-up, and it can lead to damage.

Final Words

Now that you know how to store your rods, we suggest you keep your rods clean and free from dirt and store them properly. It is pertinent that your rods should be clean before storing and must be kept in a dry environment.

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