The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Trampolines For Adults

Trampolines for adults are a fun way to do exercise and burn some calories. Buying a trampoline can be a difficult task because of hundreds of options available. We have picked the best trampolines available in the market and reviewed them for you in this guide. We have also included a buying guide to help you make a well-informed decision about buying a trampoline.

Best Trampolines for Adults

Have a look at the top 5 Trampolines for Adults

1. BCAN 40″ Foldable Mini Trampoline, Fitness Rebounder with Adjustable Foam Handle

BCAN Mini trampoline

At the top of our list is a 40-inch foldable trampoline for all the adults who want to jump and do exercise and keep themselves physically fit. It is made from high-quality steel the frame can support a maximum of 330 pounds. This weight limit is one of the maximum weight capacities you will get in a trampoline with such a space-saving design. The folded size is ¼ of the full size, and you can easily store it under your bed or back of your car while travelling. The support handle can be adjusted to four different heights in the bracket of 32-44 inches. The handlebar is covered with soft foam to provide you with ultimate luxury while you are doing exercise. The mat is made from a waterproof material with anti-skid design. The steel tubes are strong and sturdy and come with rubber bottoms to give better grip to the trampoline while you jump on it. The springs are covered in a protective cover, and it keeps them safe from rust and corrosion.  You get a 1-year warranty on all parts and 24/7 customer service for a lifetime.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

It is a very durable trampoline. It is hundreds of satisfied customers due to its sturdy frame, solid springs and high-quality mat. We recommend you buy this trampoline for the best exercising results.

2. BCAN 38″ Foldable Mini Trampoline, Fitness Trampoline with Safety Pad

BCAN 38 inch foldable trampoline

Another quality trampoline from the house of BCAN, it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds with a diameter of 38 inches. It comes with a 360° pad to cover up the distance between mat and steel frame to give you a more secure space or exercises and to jump. It avoids your toes being getting stuck in the empty spaces and keeps you safe. The pad can be folded to 1/4th of the total size; it increases portability and saves storage space. The frame is made of high-quality steel, and the base of the legs is housed with thick rubber to give it an anti-skid design. The rubber shoes also ensure that there is no sound produced when you jump on the matt. The springs are covered for safety and long life of the springs. You get a 1-year warranty and a lifetime customer support service when you buy this trampoline.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

It lacks a handlebar as compared to the model listed above and has a slightly low weight capacity. It is perfect for teenagers who want a trampoline for fun and exercise at the same time.

3. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline, Quiet and Safe Bounce

Stamina 36 inch trampoline

If you are looking for lightweight, compact design trampoline with reasonable weight capacity, Stamina has got you covered. This trampoline weighs only 12 pounds and comes with a polypropylene mat to give you comfort and safety while you jump. The mat can handle a maximum of 250 pounds of weight and has a diameter of 36 inches. It comes with 30 tension bands to give a safe and quiet workout experience without the risk of falling. The six detachable rubber shoe legs make your experience better by not producing any sound while you jump on the mat. You get access to free online videos that can help you exercise more productively and develop a routine.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

It is a relatively small trampoline as compared to the models listed above. It is also lightweight and folds easily for storing and travelling purposes.

4. JumpSport 250 In-Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder – Durable Silent Bounce Mini Trampoline with Premium Bungees

JumpSport 250 fitness rebounder

It comes with a 39 inches frame and a 35.5 inches jumping surface for a workout. This trampoline offers one of the highest frames to jumping area ratio, and the spring area is covered with protective pads to keep you safe. The arched legs provide additional support and grip as compared to trampolines with straight legs. The frame is made from high-quality stainless steel for long life. Instead of springs, it comes with elastic cords which have been tested for millions of jumps in the prescribed weight capacity of 250 pounds. It comes with 60-days extended trial for online workout videos and a jumping sport basic DVD for installation and exercises guide. You can also attach a handlebar with this trampoline. Please keep in mind that the handlebar is not included in the box.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

If you are looking for a quality trampoline without springs, then it is the best option to buy. The elastic cords work the same as the springs, so you don’t need to worry about it.

5. Tomasar Foldable Mini Trampoline Rebounder, Max Load 300lbs Rebounder Trampoline Exercise Trampoline

Tomasar Foldable Mini Trampoline Rebounder

Tomasar brings a trampoline with a weight capacity of 300 pounds and an adjustable handle for support while doing exercise. The 6 leg base provides support while you jump and the trampoline forms an angle of 18 degrees which gives the feeling of climbing while bouncing on the surface. The handle can be adjusted from 32 to 35 inches for additional support and ease of use. A handlebar is also helpful for older people who want to use a trampoline for exercise. When folded, the trampoline gets to half of its actual size which helps in storing and transporting it. The frame is 40 inches wide and is in line with the top models.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

The only problem with this trampoline is a large folded size, other than this is quite a reasonable and durable model.


Trampoline not only helps you in burning some calories, but it also builds your leg muscles, improves blood and oxygen circulation and helps in boosting immunity. We are confident that you have made your mind about buying your favourite trampoline. Select the one according to your needs and have some fun while exercising.

Buying Guide for Adult Trampolines

Weight Limit

It is always better to buy a trampoline with a maximum weight capacity. Most of the models have a weight capacity of 250 pounds. We have included a couple of models for your ease with a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds. A high weight-capacity increases the usability of trampoline as you can also jump with your kids on the trampoline without any worries.


Experts recommend that a round trampoline is best for exercise purposes for adults. Round trampolines have a low centre of gravity and weight is distributed evenly across the surface.

Frame and Springs

Do not compromise on the quality of the frames and springs. Make sure you buy a trampoline that has frame and springs made of stainless steel. If you are looking for a trampoline with elastic cords, make sure it is tested and have good reviews. If the spring area is covered with a protective cloth, it is even better as it keeps the moisture away and the springs stay free from rust and corrosion. Look for a frame coated with galvanized steel for outdoor use as it is more effective in avoiding rust.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety, the sturdiness of the frame and springs is the most important, as these two components will handle your weight and impact. Other safety features include protective covers for springs, handlebars (specifically for old age people), and durable base material and overall sturdiness of the trampoline.


Look for a trampoline that is easy to store and occupies less space. If you don’t have a specific area for a trampoline in your home or you are planning to keep it inside your apartment, then you can’t afford to allocate so much space to a trampoline. Further, it is always better to look for a foldable trampoline, because it is easy to travel with it.

Warranty, DVD, and Online Support

Look for a trampoline which offers a warranty or money-back guarantee. Other add-ons like DVD, online support and customer support add value to your purchase.

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