4 Best Tool Chests under 200 dollars 2020

Proper tools are essential to work efficiently. No matter whether you are a newbie or a professional, without tools you can’t perform any job. Another important factor for a peaceful working atmosphere is to keep all the important tools readily available. So, a multiple drawer tool chest is very important to keep all necessary tools well-organized and readily accessed. Well, you don’t need to spend lots of money to buy a durable and sturdy tool chest. There are many options for you under $200. Multiple tool chests are available at affordable price. I have listed the best tool chests under $200.

Best Tool Chests under $200

1. Rolling Tools Chest with Drawers Tools Storage Chest for Garage Toolbox Chest

Rolling Tools Chest for storage

Construction: High-Quality steel

Weight: 60 lbs

Best for: Garage, workshop, basement, warehouse

Capacity: 8 drawers

It’s made of high-quality steel to last for years without rusting. This metal tool chest comes with separate storage for locks and keys. The cabin contains four hooks for keys and four for locks. The side handles make it easy to open and close the drawers. There are 8 main drawers to keep the tools well-organized. The toolbox is detachable and has 3 small drawers, 2 small trays, 3 large trays and a big locker. You can use the drawers to keep all big and small tools. The weight of the tool chest is around 60 lbs, but two moving wheels make the portability easier for you. The wheels have a brake system to stop the toolbox safely at any place. It’s an ideal tool chest for workshops, basements, garage and other outdoor and indoor places.

  • 8 vast drawers and multiple trays
  • Dual wheel system for easy portability
  • Carrying handle
  • Separate storage for locks and keys
  • Heat sensitive
  • Can scratch

Our Opinion: 

It’s a spacious tool chest to cover all your big and small tools. You can keep your stuff well-organized in 8 different drawers. The stainless steel design is durable for years. Due to the wheels, you can drag the tool chest easily from one place to another.

Alternative: Giantex 2pc Mini Tool Chest & Cabinet Storage Tool Box

Giantex 2pc Mini Tool Chest

The Rolling Tools Chest is temporarily unavailable, but this one is a great alternative. The Giantex 2pc Mini Tool Chest has a detachable top chest with 3 drawers offering sufficient space for classifying tools based on theirs functions or size.

2. High Capacity Rolling Tool Chest with Wheels and Drawers, 8-Drawer Tool Storage Cabinet

On shine high capacity tool chest

Construction: Stainless steel

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Type: Rolling tool chest

Capacity: 8 drawers

This capacitative tool chest comes with 8 wide drawers, 3 small drawers, 5 slim tray drawers, 1 upper and 1 lower cabinet to organize your all tools with great ease. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel. The surface has an anti-rust powder coating to add more life to the tool chest. The painted surface keeps the scratching, denting, and chipping away from the toolbox. The tool chest has 2 swivel casters, two fixed casters and hooks on side panels to organize smaller stuff like keys and locks. At the bottom, you will see a sturdy drawer to keep all your larger stuff like power tools. It ball-bearing slides make the operation smooth and easy. The tool chest comes with two wheels for easy mobility from one place to another place. A sturdy tubular handle ensures an easy pulling of the toolbox.

  • Spacious drawers
  • Detachable drawers and trays
  • Wheels and locking system
  • Mobility carrying handle
  • Sturdy design with anti-rust coating
  • Pricey

Our Opinion:

It’s a sturdy design with anti-rust coating for additional durability. The drawers are detachable and easy-to-organize. You can keep all big and small tools in the drawers. It has multiple drawers, trays and a big cabinet for organized power tools. You can drag it from one to another place due to the smooth wheels. The locking system ensures the stability of the tool chest at any surface.

3. Pataku 8-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest with 4 Wheels, Tool Storage Cabinet with Sliding Drawers

Pataku rolling tool chest

Construction: High-quality cold-rolled steel

Type: Rolling cabinet

Capacity: 3 drawers, 5 trays

It’s made of sturdy cold-rolled steel. The cabinet is durable for years due to the anti-corrosive coating. the surface remains rust-free while using outdoor and indoor. It has 3 drawers and 5 pullover trays to keep all your tools well-organized. The spacious cabinet at the bottom keeps your large power tools well-managed. Both sides of drawers come with 2 swivel casters and two fixed casters. It has a strong tubular handle to pull it while moving from one to another place. This spacious toolbox is best for garage, workshops, home and other places. You can scroll it smoothly due to the four wheels on all types of surfaces. The drawers are detachable and lockable. You can detach any two boxes to adjust bigger tools. the toolbox comes with an external locking system to keep your stuff safe and secure.

  • Vast drawers
  • Top tray storage
  • Durable steel construction
  • Adjustable and detachable drawers
  • Hinges are rust-prone
  • Non-dent proof

My Opinion:

This sturdy toolbox comes with an anti-rust surface for longer life. It comes with 2 years warranty from the manufacturer. The tool chest has multiple drawers and slim trays. All drawers are detachable and adjustable according to the size of the tools. You can pull it easily on all surfaces due to the four big wheels. It’s a perfect choice for people who have lots of tools. You can keep them all in one place in an organized way.

Alternative: Big Tool Chest with Wheels and Drawers

Big Tool Chest

The Pataku 8-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest is temporarily unavailable, but this one is a great alternative. The Big Tool Chest features a big storage space with the toolbox having 5 drawers, 1 bottom and top cabinets. The chest at the bottom of the toolbox includes a lock for security of your valuable tools.

4. Manhattan Comfort Fortress Collection Convenient Durable Mobile Garage Chest

Manhattan Comfort Fortress Collection Convenient Durable Mobile Garage Chest

Construction: Steel made

Weight: 60.8 lbs

Type: Rolling chest

Capacity: 3 spacious cabinets

If you have a variety of power tools, Manhattan tool chest should be your first preference. It has three large cabinets to cover all your tools in an organized way. It’s ideal for storing all your tools. The toolbox is made of heavy-duty steel for longer life. It has four wheels to pull it anywhere smoothly because the wheels come with 360-degree free-motion technology. This compact tool chest is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The shelves inside the drawers are adjustable and easy to organize. The surface has an anti-rust coating for scratch-free and stain-free usage for years.

  • Three adjustable drawers
  • Easy mobility
  • Huge storage capacity
  • High-quality steel construction
  • Will rust over time if not properly maintained
  • Not waterproof

Alternative: June Win Rolling Tool Chest with 4 Wheels

June Win Rolling Tool Chest with 4 Wheels

The Manhattan Comfort is temporarily unavailable, but this one is a great alternative. The June Win Rolling Tool Chest includes a toolbox with 5 drawers, a top cabinet, and a bottom cabinet. It is equipped with two swivel casters and two directional wheels that allow quick and easy movement.

Our Opinion:

It has three main cabinets to keep all your power tools in a well-organized way. You can detach and readjust the drawers according to your requirements. The tool chest is made of heavy-duty steel for longevity. It’s easy to move from one place to another due to the four wheels.

High Capacity Rolling Tool Chest with Wheels and Drawers, 8-Drawer Tool Storage Cabinet

On shine high capacity tool chest

Buyer’s Guide


Check the material of the tool chest. It should be a sturdy and durable material for longer life. Make sure; it’s made of steel because the steel doesn’t get stains over time. Also, check the thickness of the steel. It should be around 15 – 20 gauge.


Check the surface before you purchase a tool chest. It should contain an anti-rust and anti-corrosive coating for smooth and stain-free usage. It’s easy for you to clean due to the coating.

Storage Capacity

Another important thing is storage capacity. Check the number of drawers and the capacity for larger tools. It should have multiple drawers and trays to keep your tools clutter-free. If it comes with a few drawers, make sure they are detachable and adjustable.


It should come with smooth wheels for easy mobility. If it’s made of heavy-duty steel, it will be a bit heavier. So, you can’t easily move it if the wheels aren’t present. So, check the presence of wheels.

Safety Lock

Make sure; it comes with an external locking system for security of your tools. You can keep your tools safe and secure without any tension.

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