5 Best Tool Chests under $1000

Are you tired of losing your tools and utilizing too much time in locating the right one, or you are simply looking to replace your old tool chest and get a new one under $1000? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. We have selected the best tool chests under $1000 and included them in our list. We have also included a buying guide to help you make the best decision.

5 Best Tool Chests under $1000

1. Keter Modular Locking and Rolling Tool Chest with Wheels and Drawers with 16 Removable Bins and Dividers for Customization

Keter Modular tool chest

At the top of our list, we have a tool chest with a working space for you. It has height, width, and depth of 23.5, 22.1, and 11.3 inches, respectively. It is made from polypropylene resin plastic, which will not rust, rot or develop dents. It is a fully customizable tool chest as you can remove/add 16 bins and dividers for customization according to the size of your tools, nuts, and bolts. It has 5 drawers with ample storage in the bottom drawer to adjust your big tools. The tool chest is weather-resistant, easy to assemble, does not fade, easy to maintain and clean. The integrated handles make the operation easy and are long-lasting as compared to separately attached handles. It comes with a central locking system for the security of all the compartments. The wheels are strong and durable, and you won’t face any issues in moving the chest around. The working space at the top is big enough to carry out your tasks.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

It is an enormous tool chest for organizing and keeping your tools safe. It may look small, but its brewers are big enough to accommodate all your tools for garage and home.

2. Stackable Toolbox Rolling Mobile Organizer with Telescopic Comfort Grip Handle – Upright Rigid Pack Out Cart with Wheels and Drawers by Stalwart

Stackable tool chest

If you are looking for a quality portable tool chest, it is the best option for you. The big wheels and a sturdy handle make it easy to carry your tools around while you go to work. It comes with 2 drawers, one spacious tilt drawer, a storage tray, cable hooks, and 4 bungee cords to provide you comprehensive storage space for your tools on the go. The chest is made from metal, PVC and resin to give it a high level of durability and security for your tools on your work site. The cable hooks not only provide you space to hang your tools while working, but they are also great for hanging tape rolls and such things while working. The overall dimensions of the tool chest are 13.5” L x 22.5” W x 33” H and have a weight capacity of 100 pounds. It does not have a central locking system, but it offers hooks for locking.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

It is an excellent portable tool chest. It is small in size but still provides ample storage space for all the tools you may need on the go.

3. Manhattan Comfort Fortress Collection Convenient Durable Mobile Garage Chest Great for Tools and Supplies

manhattan tool chest

A Work trolley is a pretty useful tool chest that enables you to carry your tools in your garage and around your home for all your DIY projects. This tool chest is made from steel, which gives it more strength as compared to plastic. The dimensions are 30.3″ x 32.1″ x 18.2″ and weighs 61 pounds. The three drawers are big enough to accommodate all your tools. The drawer does not come with dividers; you can place small boxes to make room for your small tools, so they don’t get mixed up with each other. The space at the top of the chest increases its functionality as it provides you a large space to work and keep your tools while you work on other projects. The assembly takes some time but can be done with the help of instructions provided.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

It is an all-metal, strong, and durable tool chest for keeping your tools organized and safe.

4. Montezuma – XL450B – 36-Inch Portable TRIANGLE Toolbox – Multi-Tier Design – 16-Gauge Construction

Montezuma tool chest

Do you keep your tools with you on your work truck and want a solution to keep them organized? Well, here is the answer: the Montezuma tool chest. It has been designed especially for truck beds keeping in mind the need to save space. It offers a multi-tier design that makes identifying, taking, and placing your tools back easy and increases your work speed. The tool chest is made from steel to give it durability and reliability. The chest comes with gas springs that automatically raise the lid and gives you easy access to your tools. It has been coated with a UV resistant paint, waterproofing lid to keep your tools safe from adverse impacts of weather. There are 39 pegs to hold wrenches of different sizes. The lock system keeps your tools safe from intruders; you can just lock the tool chest in your truck bed and roam around your work site.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

It comes with a 5-year limited warranty and provides ample storage space for all the tools you need on your truck.

5. Rolling Tools Chest with Drawers Tools Storage Chest for Garage Toolbox Chest on Wheels 8-Drawer Tool Storage Cabinet Steel Red

Rolling Tool Chest for Garage and outdoor

If you want a large tool chest, then Integrated has got you covered. The chest is made from high-quality steel and coated with an excellent quality rust-resistant red paint to give it a unique look. The tool chest consists of a top box drawer to adjust large tools, three small drawers and 2 small tray drawers, 3 large tray drawers, and a large-sized locker to give you all the space you need to keep all your tools and working equipment. It is a cupboard sized tool chest and a single place solution for all your needs. All the drawers and compartments come with locks to keep your tools safe. You can quickly move this tool chest around the brakes to ensure that it does not skid away while you are working and give you safe working experience. The total product weight is around 62 pounds.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

It is a large tool chest that is only suitable for professionals, warehouses, and garages. Individuals who like to do DIY projects and have a large collection of tools can also buy this.

Buying Guide

We suggest that you take your time, read the buying guide and the reviews, and then make your decision. It is impossible to buy a new tool chest every six months or so because of budget constraints and other issues, so it is better to consider all the features of the tool chest you are buying. Don’t worry about the quality of the products, as we have done considerable research on every product and included only the best ones.


The most important decision to make while buying a tool chest is the type of storage you want. The tool chests are divided into the following categories

Workbench Tool Chest – It has working space at the top of the chest and storage spaces below it.

Portable Tool Chest – A portable tool chest is easy to travel with and usually has less space and comes with a push/drag handle.

Trolley Tool Chests – Trolley tool chests are perfect for moving inside a garage or shop. They offer medium-sized storage and come in different shapes and sizes.

Truck-Mounted Tool Chests – They can be installed in your truck or work vehicle. Such toolboxes are perfect for people who take their truck to work, for example, carpenters, welders, and car mechanics.

Weight Capacity and Storage

It depends on the number of tools you want to store and how heavy your tools are. The best way is to check the capacity of the tool chest and then consider the number and weight of your tools. It is better to buy a tool chest that offers more weight capacity and space than your preferred capacity. It will help you in adjusting some new tools as well.


Look for the number of drawers in the tool chest. Drawers help in keeping your tools organized and increase the functionality of the tool chest. They also help in improving your work speed as you can grab your desired tool from the relevant drawer instead of finding one from a single compartment.


It is better to have a tool chest with locks. Tools don’t come cheap and can be stolen from your tool chest. It is better to avoid hassle and keep your valuable gear locked and safe.

Warranty and Durability

Steel tool chests are durable as compared to plastic ones. However, resin plastics are very durable and strong. We recommend that you look for a tool chest that offers a maximum warranty.


Portability is an important feature of tool chests. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a small portable tool chest or a big one. You have to move them around now and then. Select the tool chest, which has good wheels that facilitate the movement and are durable.


Tool chests are very useful in keeping your tools safe and organized. We have listed the best tool chests in every category. You can select the best one according to your needs.

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