The 5 Best Tool Chests under 500 – Reviews 2020

No matter whether you are professional or not, if you love fixing things on your own, then you must have proper tools. But having a set of tools is not enough, you must have a proper toolbox to keep your belongings safe and protected.

Toolboxes are mostly used to keep hand tools. For bigger tools like drill machines, saws, hammers, and others, a tool chest is the best option. These chests offer a big storage space and are easy to move from one place to another. Some of the tool chests also come with dividers to keep your belongings organized.

So, if you need one, then here we are going to review the five best inexpensive tool chests.

Best Tool Chest under 500 Reviews

1. WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest – Overall Best

WEN 73015 tool chest

Construction:This WEN 73015 Garage Glider tool chest is made up of steel. It is a reliable and durable tool chest with ball-bearing construction that also features a vinyl-protected multi-layered padding seat.

Size and Weight:Its overall height and width are 16 inches and 27 inches, respectively.  And if we talk about its weight, then it is 28 pounds.

But one thing you must know here is that you cannot adjust its height.

Warranty:It is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Storage Capacity:This compact and portable tool chest has a lot of space available.

There are three sturdy drawers, two magnetic trays, and sixteen storage slots.

All three drawers are of 11.25 x 6.25 x 1.75 inches. The two magnetic trays are foldable and can be used to put spare nuts and bolts or different metal objects. Also, you have sixteen onboard tool storage slots at the back end where you can place your commonly used tools.

Weight Capacity: WEN 73015 can hold up to 350 pounds of weight.

Casters:Four 360-degree capable casters allow you to move the tool chest forward, backward, right, left, or diagonal. The ball-bearing construction of these casters increases their lifespan.

Locking System: No locking system is there. Just close the drawers, fold the storage trays, and travel anywhere without any problem.

Assembly: It is also easy to assemble.

My Opinion:

Pros:WEN 73015 has a versatile design. It is a compact and budget-friendly tool chest that offers large storage capacity. Its heavy-duty casters make it easy to move. Also, it features a 2-year limited warranty. 

Cons:Its drawers don’t have a locking feature.

2. Keter Modular Locking and Rolling Tool Chest – Features 16 Removable Bins

Keter Moular tool chest

Construction: This modular organizer and storage system from Keter is made up of polypropylene resin plastic that is all-weather resistant. It will never dent, rust, or rot. 

Storage Capacity: It has a high storing capacity. There are a total of five drawers with ball-bearing sliders to store as many tools as possible. The last drawer is the biggest one, where you can place larger tools. Also, there is a tray at the top that you can use to put your most-used tools.

Moreover, there are 16 removable bins and dividers to keep your belongings organized.

Weight Capacity: Its weight capacity is lower than WEN 73015. It can bear 154 pounds of weight.

Locking System: A central locking system keeps each drawer safe and secure. 

Casters: Locking swivel casters make this modular organizer quite easy to move from one working area to another. 

Size and Weight: It is bigger than WEN 73015. With wheels, it is 23.5 inches in height, 22 inches in width, and 11.3 inches in depth. And without wheels, its height changes to 19.7 inches.

But it is lighter in weight than WEN 73015 with 23.6 pounds.

Warranty: Its warranty period is not specified. 

Assembly: It is quite easy to assemble and clean as well.

My Opinion:

Pros: This tool chest from Keter provides plenty of storage. You can easily lock its doors through a central locking system. It is also easy to assemble and light in weight.

Cons:It is not a waterproof tool chest.

Alternative: High Capacity Rolling Tool Chest with Wheels and Drawers, 8-Drawer Tool Storage Cabinet

On shine high capacity tool chest

The Keter Modular Locking and Rolling Tool Chest is temporarily unavailable, but this one is a great alternative. The High Capacity Rolling Tool Chest comes with 8 wide drawers, 3 small drawers, 5 slim tray drawers, 1 upper and 1 lower cabinet to organize your all tools with great ease. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel. The surface has an anti-rust powder coating to add more life to the tool chest.

3. Goplus Tool Chest 20-inch Portable Tool Box – Best Lightweight Tool Chest under $500

Goplus tool chest multiple drawers


Construction: This Goplus tool chest is made up of steel with a powder-coated finish. It is red in color and has smooth and round edges.

Assembly: Its installation can be done in a few steps. Also, it offers easy maintenance.

Size and Weight: The overall size of this tool chest is 20.5-inch length, 8.5-inch width, and 12-inch depth. It is lighter in weight than the above two tool chests. It weighs only 19 pounds.

Storage Capacity: For tool storage, there are three drawers featuring ball-bearing slides and a box at the top. The length of each drawer is 18.5 inches, and 8-inch and 1.5-inch are its width and depth.

Locking System: Two steel latches protect tools from being stolen.

Weight Capacity: The weight capacity of each drawer is 22 pounds. 

Casters: It is a small tool chest, so it doesn’t have casters.

My Opinion:

Pros: This Goplus tool chest is perfect for your small stocks. Its size gives a good balance between capacity and portability. Also, it has a trustable locking system. 

Cons: You cannot put your large tools in drawers.

4. On Shine High Capacity Rolling Tool Chest – Features 8 Drawers

On shine rolling tool chest

Construction: This rolling tool chest from On Shine is quite sturdy and heavy-duty. It is constructed with high-quality steel featuring a black powder-coated finish. 

Size and Weight: It is 42.5-inch in height, 13-inch wide, and 24.4-inch deep.

Also, it is not light in weight like the above-mentioned units because of its size.

Storage Capacity: On the Shine tool chest is divided into two halves. The bottom half is the rolling cabinet, and the top half is the toolbox.

Its toolbox has three small drawers and two tray drawers. And the bottom cabinet features two large tray drawers and a spacious storage area.

Each of the drawers is set on ball-bearing slides.

Locking System: A key locking system is there at the top and bottom to keep your tools protected.

Casters: Detachable swivel casters with brakes can easily hold and transport the tool chest. 

Assembly: Its assembly is also quite straightforward.

My Opinion:

Pros: This tool chest is great for standard household use. It is an affordable tool storage cabinet that offers ample storage space. Its overall construction is great and long-lasting. 

Cons: Sometimes, its locking system fails to work.

5. Craftsman 5-drawer Top Chest – Best Heavyweight Tool Chest under $500

Craftsman tool chest

 Construction: The Craftsman 5-drawer tool chest is built to last. Its 20-24 gauge steel construction makes the unit durable. 

Size and Weight: It weighs 40.9 pounds, and its overall dimensions are 28.2 x 20 x 14 inches.

Storage Capacity: There are five drawers altogether that allow you to store your tools. The last drawer is the bigger one to keep bigger tools.

Casters: Instead of casters, you can use two side handles to carry the chest from one place to another. 

Locking System: Keyed internal locking system keeps your tools and other stuff safe and protected.

Assembly: You can also easily assemble the tool chest.

My Opinion:

Pros: It is a decent quality tool chest that provides sufficient storage space. It is easy to assemble and has a secure locking system.

Cons: It is heavy in weight. Also, it is very cheap on the slides.

WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest – Overall Best

WEN 73015 tool chest

Buyer’s Guide


First of all, focus on the construction of your tool chest. You can go for plastic made chests, but it is better to go for steel. Also, the thickness of the steel must be checked.

Here you must know that as the gauge increases, the thickness of steel diminishes. So, it depends on you either to go with 18- to 19- gauge steel or heavier that is 15-gauge.

Also, make sure it has a powder-coated finish.

Storage Capacity

How much storage space you need depends on the number and types of tools you have. For hand tools, you can have an ordinary toolbox or chest, but to keep power tools, you need much more space. So, always make sure you are selecting the right tool chest according to the number and types of tools you have.

Drawers and Slides

Drawers must be spacious enough to keep all your belongings organized. Some tool chests come with dividers so that you can divide your drawers to store all your things easily.

But spacious drawers are not enough; the slides must be of good quality. You can go for both non-bearing or ball or roller bearing slides, but for faster and quicker opening and closing of the drawer, ball bearing slides are suggested.


If you are planning to buy a big size tool chest, then its casters must be 360-degree movable and durable. Make sure they are made up of heavy-duty materials and are lockable as well.

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