Your Guide To The Best Lures And Jigs For Walleye Fishing 2020

Even though there are a vast number of walleye lures accessible out there narrowing down your choices is the thing that will yield the best outcomes. The best walleye allures are never going to work in every circumstance and each possible light or season. You have to pick the correct lures for the activity to be done correctly. Crankbaits, trolling draws, blade baits and jigs have consistently been the most productive lures for walleye that have stood the trial of time.​ Let’s take a look at the best effective lures for walleye that can help you to lure the giant creatures.

Lures for Walleye Reviews

1. Rapala Husky Jerk 08 Fishing Lures – Best Overall

Rapala Husky jerk lure for fish

Structure: As all Rapala draws, the Rapala Husky Jerk is hand-tuned and tank-tried. It’s fitted with a few VMC dark nickel treble snares (contingent upon the model) and is flawlessly adjusted to run genuine whether you’re throwing or trolling at any speed.

Lightweight: What makes it stand apart from different jerk baits is its perfect unbiased lightness, which permits it to drape suspended in the water when delayed. This gives the presence of a distinct objective that even the most hesitant walleyes are unable to overlook.

Bait features: The bait additionally includes a clatter chamber that emanates sound waves that can be gotten by the fish’s horizontal line. This assists with activating chomps in even the dirtiest water.

Depth: Contingent upon size, the bait has a running profundity of four to six or four to eight feet. Look over three changed unrivalled completions (metallic, glass or regular) and a progression of destructive colour patterns, for example, infant bass and blue minnow.

My Opinion

Pros: The bait is hand-tuned, and tank tested. It has a perfect balance, and you can troll at any speed you want to. It helps to emit the sound waves that can prove to be a distraction when catching the fish.

Cons: The bait is a bit small and not suitable for large scale fishing.

2. Rapala Shad Rap 07 Fishing Lures – Best Running Hardbait

Rapala Shad Rap lure

Crankbaits: There are several diverse walleye crankbaits available, a significant number of them custom-made to perform best under specific conditions. The Rapala Shad Rap stands apart for its adaptability.

Speed: It’s fantastic for throwing and trolling and conveys results whether it’s angled at ultra-slow or super-quick speeds. The SR07 model connected here has a running profundity of somewhere in the range of five and 11 feet, which can be controlled, changing the speed of your recovery.

Quality: The bait is hand-tuned and tank-tried to guarantee that it confronts Rapala’s notoriety for prevalent quality. Produced using premium balsa wood, the bait has an itemized paint finish in the scope of demonstrated fish-getting designs. A portion of these (like shad, bluegill and roost) are inconceivably practical; while others are intended for ideal deceivability in re-coloured waters.

Sizes: Pick the region most appropriate to your neighbourhood angling conditions, at that point revel in the adequacy of the regular baitfish profile and injured minnow activity. All sizes highlight a plunging lip and two sharp VMC dark nickel treble snares.

My Opinion

Pros: The bait is excellent for baiting and trolling the fishes. The fishing speed can be fast when you use this bait and also can be used with ultra-slow fishing.

Cons: It isn’t a rattling crankbait.

3. Cotton Cordell Wally Diver Lures–Expensive Lure for Walleye

Cotton Cordell lure

Merits: Commended by numerous specialists as the most fantastic walleye draw ever, the Cotton Cordell Wally Diver is a demonstrated great that merits a spot in each walleye anglers fishing supply bag.

Reeling: Intended to be thrown or trolled directly out of the container, its baitfish shape emulates an assortment of scrounge animal types, making it fit freshwater frameworks all over North America. The draw’s thin profile takes into consideration the tight squirming activity expected to trigger enormous nibbles; yet when you quit reeling; it sits still for a compellingly defenceless introduction.

Sizes: There are two sizes to look over 2 1/2″ or 3 1/8″. The littler bait plunges to eight feet on the cast or 11 feet when trolled; while the more significant form can arrive at 11 feet on the cast or 18 when trolled. Whichever size you pick, two sharp treble snares guarantee that when the walleye strikes, you’re ensured a viable snare set.

Design: The Wally Diver comes in a wide range of shading designs intended to speak to walleye taking care of senses, including fluorescent red/dark, chrome blue/dark and chartreuse roost.

My Opinion

Pros: It comes in a variety of styles and designs. You can also choose the size of the lure because it comes in various sizes.

Cons: It is a little heavier in weight.

4. Lindy Slick Jig – Best for Ice Fishing

Lindy Slick lure for fish

Flexible: The Lindy Slick Jig is an adaptable ice-angling dance explicitly proposed for focusing on walleyes in below zero conditions. Its particular weight-forward structure expands the draw’s float, permitting it to swim outside your ice gap to build your inclusion territory (and your odds of pulling in a nibble).

Working: It likewise enables the draw to pound the lake floor, working up flotsam and jetsam that pull in base dwelling walleyes. Another sharp component of this draw is the line tie, which is situated, so the snare point stays prepared for a robust snare set. It additionally empowers a reasonable profile for introducing walleye lures, for example, minnows or bloodsuckers.

Colours: There are ten shading options to look over, including green gleam, bright shiner and rainbow. Every one highlights a brilliant glow that successfully emulates baitfish scales and assists with expanding perceivable in the low-light states of an ice-bound lake.

Versatile: Even though this jig works best for ice-angling, bigger sizes can likewise be utilized with incredible outcomes for focusing on walleye on the cast or while vertically jigging in untamed water.

My Opinion

Pros: The fish luring tool can be used to catch various fishes.

Cons: It is tiny in size, and you get only one jig.

5. Johnson Thinfisher Bait – Best Blade Bait

Johnson bait for fish

Temperature: Johnson Blade baits are perfect for use toward the start of winter while falling temperatures cause baitfish to cease to exist in enormous numbers. They gain by this particular occasion by copying the activity of a battling fish.

Custom: The Johnson Thin Fisher flaunts a reasonable profile, a larger than usual eye and consistent with life hues extending from dark gold to chartreuse pearl or purple tiger. Another critical element is the draw’s customizable recovery, which appears as a simple change snap that can be joined to three diverse tow focuses.

Vibration: There is one for a fast recovery with a light vibration, one for a moderate speed recover with a massive wave and one medium recover in the middle of the two.

Clatter: The draw can likewise be jigged vertically, permitting it to more than once swim down through the strike zone. Any way you decide to utilize it; a sonic clatter chamber draws in savage fish by sending vibrations through the water. When they’re activated, twin dark nickel treble snares help to interpret a strike toward the stopping point into a trophy fish on the bank.

My Opinion

Pros: It offers a natural vibration and helps you to allure more fishes in lesser time.

Cons: It comes with stock hocks that make the fishing procedure difficult. The lure is too small in size also.

Cotton Cordell Wally Diver Lures–Expensive Lure for Walleye

Cotton Cordell lure

Buying Guide

Purchasing a bunch of walleye lures directly off the bat can be a misuse of both time and cash. To take the most advantage of the lures, you should ensure that you purchase the correct ones for the activity, depending upon your area, climate conditions and water conditions.


Crankbaits are among the most widely recognized baits utilized by walleye fishermen, and most will have a choice in their pack. They recreate run of the mill baitfish and arrive in a wide assortment of hues, sizes, and loads. Utilizing a wrench snare is as straightforward as throwing your line, and turning it back to you.


Spoons are a genuinely antiquated and just structured draw, for the most part, as the name proposes, moulded like a spoon. Because of this shape, they will in general wobble in the water, emulating an injured baitfish, with the development additionally reflecting light to add with the impact. They arrive in a variety of shapes and colours.


Spinners work, as the name recommends, by turning a sharp edge, or cutting corners, to reflect light and make a vibration, in this way drawing a hungry savage fish over, particularly one with exceptional hearing, for example, the walleye.


Jigs are another famous sort of draw, comprising of a lead or tungsten head for weight and a snare. There are numerous subtypes including delicate bodied, gliding, and so on and probably the best is intended to vibrate.

Soft plastic lures

Soft plastic lures have a bit of leeway over different sorts of draws as they feel increasingly normal to a gnawing walleye, who will for the most part not pull away as fast as his companion who has quite recently nibbled into a hard draw.

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