Best Freshwater Fish To Eat For A Balanced Diet

Freshwater fish is the best choice to fill your dining table on Sunday morning. Every freshwater fish doesn’t have the same quality and taste. There are hundreds of types of freshwater fish you can explore and choose to eat for maximum energy. It’s a rich source of Vitamin A, B, D and E, low-fat protein and energy. That’s why; it’s the first choice of everyone during the winter season.

Best Freshwater Fish to Eat

1. Walleye

Walleye freshwater fish

It’s the first choice of the people living in Canada and the Northern region of the US. It’s usually found at the bottom of the lake and the streams. The fans of Walleye claim that it’s hard to catch it. But the expert fishermen can catch it by following the different techniques like setting the bait at different depths. They usually catch it in the early morning or in the late evening because Walleye comes to the surface of freshwater in these hours. Some expert fishermen catch it by using a jig head rather than using a bait-hook. It tastes good when you make fillets or bake it. However, you can also cook it in other ways like broiling and frying.

2. Trout

Trout freshwater fish

Trout is the most famous freshwater fish to eat. It’s usually found in streams, ponds, and lakes. It’s very tasty when fried or baked. Generally, it feeds on small fish and aquatic animals. You can hook it up with a bait if set in the right depth. Trout is a bony fish, but due to a high nutritional value, it is the first choice of the people living in Canada and the northern areas of the US. Smaller trout are cooked by using various methods like smoking, filleting, broiling, and baking. Larger trout are chopped into different specimens to fry or bake well.

3. Coho

Coho freshwater fish

Coho is considered Queen Salmon due to the unique flavor and nutritional value. When you cut it into two pieces, the meat color is brighter than other freshwater fish. It’s usually found in lakes and streams. Mostly, it’s cooked by different methods like baking, broiling, and frying. You can also cook it via smoking to enjoy the delicious taste. It’s best served with butter, dill, and lemon.

4. Catfish

Catfish freshwater fish

It’s another very popular freshwater fish that’s mostly found in coastal and inland water. You can find it in warm regions around the globe.  It’s not rare and expansive like Walleye. Catfish have stings embedded in the fins. So, the fishermen should be very careful while catching catfish. The meat isn’t pure white like the meat of other fish. It’s a bit red, but very tasty when fried by an expert chef. If a newbie is cooking, he may not maintain the real flavor due to high-flame cooking.

5. Steelhead

Steelhead freshwater fish

It’s a very tasty freshwater fish. For taste, you can place it on the top of the list. But you can find it tasty if cooked by a person who knows how to cook it. Everyone doesn’t have knowledge of how to cook it. Like other marine fish, the ocean diet makes it delicious to eat. Usually, it’s found in the rivers, streams, and saltwater. Generally, it’s known as rainbow trout because it has spent a large part of the life in saltwater. It can be stored for more time than other freshwater kin. You can cook it in different ways like baking, broiling, and smoking.

6. Bluegill

bluegill freshwater fish

It’s found in North American regions in freshwater streams, rivers, lakes, and streams. Bluegill is found in deep waters but it’s also present in shallow freshwater. Most of the fishermen can find it along the river banks under the shady trees. It’s a bit challenging to catch bluegill because it changes the direction briskly. You can catch it with live baits. It doesn’t grow more than 16 inches. So, you can cook it as a whole. Mostly, people use Pan-frying to cook it, but you can also fillet it. Its white meat is sweet in taste.

7. Cod

cod freshwater fish

Cod is very popular due to the delicious taste when smoked and grilled. It’s found in Pacific and Atlantic waters. In other words, you can find it in the deep sea areas. This freshwater fish has white flesh with a mild flavor. Mostly, it’s consumed in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Brazil. Cod is highly known for liver oil that’ rich with Vitamin A, D, and E and Omega 3 fatty acids. Usually, it’s cooked by grilling and smoking.

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