The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Drill Bit Sets in 2020

Drilling is an art and a newbie can’t deliver a good performance if he doesn’t have a good drill bit. To make a hole, you need a fine quality drill bit. If you are using an average drilling bit, it may not come with a sharp edge or durable construction. So, the performance and sharpness matter a lot to make a perfect hole. A beautiful design makes no difference if the performance is poor. Make sure, you select a good drill bit set to deliver a good performance. Here, I have selected a few best drill bit sets. All of them come with good performance. Check the list and select a suitable one.

Best Drill Bit Sets Reviews

1. Makita B-65399 Impact Gold 14 Pc. Titanium Drill Bit Set

Makita titanium drill bit set

Best for: Ferrous metal, wood, plastic, non-ferrous, cast iron and stainless steel

Type: Titanium Nitride coated

Hole size: ¼ inches

Speed: 44 RPM

Warranty: 30 Days

Makita offers a titanium drill bit set made of impact gold. The set contains 14 pieces of drill bits. You can use them for making holes in ferrous, non-ferrous, plastic, wood, cast iron and stainless steel. It has 135-degree split point edge for a fast start. Due to the titanium coating, it has 2.5 times longevity than other drill bits. You can use them for thick and thin materials. However, they aren’t good for ceramic tiles and glass.

  • Durable and reliable
  • 14 pieces in different sizes
  • Good for metals and wood
  • Faster start
  • Not good for ceramic and glass

Our Opinion:

You can use these drill bits for drilling holes in all types of wood and metals. These drill bits come with durable titanium coating for longer life. There are 14 pieces of bits in the package and all are used for drilling different types of holes. You will experience a refined and accurate hole in plastic, wood and metal due to it.

2. DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set

Dewalt drill bit set

Best for: Metal, wood, and plastic,

Type: Titanium Nitride coated

Hole size: ¼ inches

Speed: 40 RPM

Warranty: 30 Days

It comes with titanium coating for durability and longer life. The bits come with speed tip to reduce walking. It’s perfect for hard metals, wood and plastic. While drilling the holes, you will experience no spin shanks. The package includes a case container to keep the drilling bits well-organized. There are 21 bits in one package. All of them have different sizes such as 1/16 inches – ½ inches. The package includes a plastic tough casing for a clutter-free bit set. These bits come with a speed tip to reduce walking on start. The angle of the bit design makes a frictionless hole.

  • Durable due to titanium coating
  • Ideal for metal, wood and plastic
  • 21 drill bits in one package
  • Good start speed
  • Smooth and frictionless drilling
  • Not good for glass
  • Pricey

Our Opinion:

It’s a good option for hardwood, softwood, metals and plastic. Titanium coating makes the bits durable for a longer time. One package comes with 21 different drill bits. You can use them for 1/16 inches to ½ inches holes. All of the bits come with speed tip for fast and frictionless drilling. The manufacturer offers 30 days warranty for these bits. These bits are 5 times reliable than HS Steel bits.

3. COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

Comoware drill bit set

Best for: Ferrous metal, wood, plastic, non-ferrous, cast iron and stainless steel

Type: HSS Titanium coated

Hole size: ¼ inches hex shank

Speed: 35 RPM

The package contains 13 pieces of drilling bits in different sizes and different dimensions. You can use these bits for metal, hardwood, softwood and plastic. The HSS titanium coating makes these bits 2.5 times durable than the non-coated bits. The cutting teeth are sharp enough to make precise and smooth holes. The dual flute form keeps the debris and chips away from the bit. It reduces friction and heat for smooth and faster drilling. If you have no experience of drilling in a thick surface, you can use it easily for Home DIY. It has a sharp cutting edge and chatter-free design.

  • Ideal for wood, metal and plastic
  • HSS Titanium coating
  • Fast and debris-free drilling
  • Good for Home DIY
  • Pricey

Our Opinion:

It’s a good drill bit set for different sizes from 1 ½ to ¼ inches. It’s easy for storage due to the high-quality plastic casing. You can make clear and debris-free drilling due to the 2-flutes form of the bits. You can use it for wood, plastic and thick metal surfaces. Due to the durable and hard construction, it’s used for Home DIY, General Building and engineering purposes. It easily fits all major brands available in the market.

Makita B-65399 Impact Gold 14 Pc. Titanium Drill Bit Set

Makita titanium drill bit set

Buying Guide

Selection of a suitable drill bit is a complicated task and you can’t select any mediocre gadget. It can make your tasks more difficult. There are many types of drill bits for wood, metal, masonry, tile and glass. Well, I have brought a few important tips for you to select a perfect drill bit.

Bit Selection

Select the right type of drill bit according to the material. There are different drill bits for softwood, hardwood, metals, tiles and glass. Select a suitable bit type. If you want to use I for softwood, select a steel drill bit set. However, you can’t use it for hardwood. Similarly, if you want to use for metals, select titanium coated bits. These are a bit expensive, but you will find them durable. If you want some long-lasting durable bits, select cobalt bits that are more durable. Cobalt bits can dissipate heat. It can be used for stainless steel and other hard metals.

Drilling bit speed

Make sure, you select a suitable bit that supports high-speed drilling. If you want to drill plaster, slate, concrete or brick, you need masonry bits. The spear bit is good if you want to drill a hole in tile or glass.


The drilling bits come in different coatings. The HSS steel coating is durable for hard material. However, if you get a set of bits with titanium coating, it’s 2.5 times durable than HSS steel-coated bits.

Sharp Edge

Check the tip of the drill bits. If it has sharp, it will deliver a frictionless and debris-free performance.

Bit Types

Select a suitable bit by using the information below.

Twist Bit: It’s a commonly used general type of bit. You can use it for plastic, wood and thin metals.

Brad-Point Bit: It’s good for thick wood drilling. You can use it for better stability. You can also use it to remove wood while drilling because they come with wider flutes.

Spade Bit: A spade bit is suitable for bigger holes. The spade bit can make 1 ½ inch to ¼ inch holes by using it.

Adjustable Wood Bit: These bits are very popular because they can be used to make holes from 3 inches to ¾ inches. These bits are adjustable.

Auger Bit: You can use them on wood due to the higher flutes. So, you can use them for removing woods too.

Hole Saw: It’s good for drilling in wood and thin metals. You can use a hole saw for making larger holes ranging from 6 inches to ½ inches.

Forstner Bit: It’s good for bottom drilling in thick and thin wood. You can use them for soft and hardwood.

Drill Saw Bit: You can use these bits to make holes and contours in metal and hardwood.

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