Top 5 Best Budget Tool Chests 2020

The tool chest is a great way to organize your small and big tools to make them readily available. It’s a good option for DIYers, workshop owners and technicians to keep their tools safe and secure in a tool chest. There are different tool chests available in the market. Some tool chests have multiple compartments to keep all big and small tools whereas; some have congested spaces for only small tools. You can select a tool chest according to your requirements. However, a tool chest should be spacious enough for all big and small tools. Here, I have brought a few best tool chests you can use to keep all your tools. All these products have good space for power tools and small pockets and trays for small tools. Check them below.

Best Value Tool Chests Reviews

1. Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon Mobile Chest

Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon Mobile Chest

Dimensions: 18.9 x 20.5 x 34.2 inches

Weight: 15.8 lbs

Compartments: 1 big and 2 small

Material: High quality plastic

It’s an unparalleled option for technicians and workshop owners. This lightweight gallon mobile tool chest is good to carry with great ease. It has four compartments to adjust all small and big tools. You can also pull it with ease. This portable mobile gallon tool chest has a deep tote tray for small tools. The wide steel handle ensures easy portability.

  • Allows for great mobility
  • Lightweight and made of durable plastic
  • Lots of storage options
  • Affordable
  • Not water resistant
  • Not fire retardant
  • Doesn’t hold large, electronic tools

Our Opinion:

It’s made of durable plastic. The high-quality plastic makes it easy for portability. It has vast space for all big and small tools. However, you can’t keep electronic tools larger than 34 inches.

2. Goplus Tool Chest 20-Inch Portable Tool Box Steel Cabinet

Goplus portable tool chest

Dimensions: 20.3 x 11.7 x 8.5 inches

Weight: 19 pound

Compartments: 3 compartments, 1 top tray

Material: Steel

This portable tool chest is ideal for people who often move around with all their tools. It has three spacious pull-out compartments and one top tray to keep all your big and small tools in a clutter-free manner. The high-quality steel construction ensures long life of the product. The outmost casing has two steel buckles to ensure safety of the tools. You can install it with great ease.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Light weight
  • Includes a carrying handle
  • Noisy when opening and closing
  • Can dent

Our Opinion:

It’s made of steel and the surface has rust-free coating. The lightweight toolbox is easy to carry. It has lots of space for all your tools. The handle is wide and comfortable to hold while moving around.

3. WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat

WEN 73015 tool chest

Dimensions: 16.5 x 27 x 16 inches

Weight: 27.2 pound

Compartments: 3 slide compartments, 2 magnet trays, 1 top tray

Material: Steel

It ocmes with a mechanic seat that can hold up to 350 pounds weight. It has a thick and absorbent multi-layered padding to enhance protection and ease. It comes with two foldable magnetic trays, three swivel casters for easy movement. This lightweight tool chest is easy for mobility. The heavy steel construction and corrosion-free coating makes it durable for years.

  • High quality steel construction
  • Wont rust, dent, or peel
  • Compact and spacious design
  • Seat included
  • Low weight capacity per volume
  • Requires assembly

Our Opinion:

It’s a great option for outdoor working because it has a large onboard seat to hold up to 350 lbs weight. You can use it to keep all tools except the large ones. It’s easy to assemble and comfortable for mobility.

4. Excel TB2105X-Blue 26-Inch Steel Top Chest, Blue

Excel TB2105X-Blue 26-Inch Steel Top Chest, Blue

Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 12 inches

Weight: 51 pound

Compartments: 5 slide compartments, 1 top tray

Material: Steel

The cold rolled steel construction makes it highly durable for years. The corrosion-free painted surface adds more life to its durability. You can use it to keep all your tools well-organized. It’s a great option for indoor/outdoor tool work. It has a case lock to ensure the safety of your tools. There are 5 spacious drawers to keep all your stuff safe and secure. It’s a portable tool box to keep all your stuff while moving around.

  • 5 sliding drawers
  • Steel Frame
  • Lock and key equipped
  • Portable
  • Not rust proof
  • Heavy steel material
  • Not dent proof

Our Opinion:

It comes with a heavy steel construction. The tool chest has five drawers and one top tray to keep all your small and big tools. You can keep the tools in well-organized way in these pull-out drawers. Furthermore, the outer casing contains a lock system to save your tools.

5. Flambeau 6531BK Rolling Cart Tool Chest with Lift-Out Tray, 31-Inch

Flambeau tool chest

Dimensions: 30.5 x 19 x 19.2 inches

Weight: 21.1 pound

Compartments: 1 large compartment, 2 side trays

Material: High-quality steel

This tool chest is extremely lightweight for easy mobility. You can use it for storage and transport of commercial parts. It has a spacious lift-out tray to keep all your power tools. You can keep all tools with safety due to the tight latch over the casing. The outer box is made of high-quality steel and it resists the rust and corrosion.

  • Ideal for light commercial parts storage and transport
  • Lift-Out Tray has extra large capacity for power tools or bulky/heavy items
  • Cam-over snap tight latch
  • The lid is grooved to support 2 x 4 lumber
  • Rust-proof, non-conductive and resists most common chemicals
  • Spacious compartment for power tools
  • Durable for years
  • Keyed locking system
  • Drawers stick when weighted
  • Not dent proof

Our Opinion:

It’s a good option if you have large quantity of power tools. You can keep all of them in the spacious compartment of the tool chest. It has two side trays to keep all small tools. The lightweight tool chest is easy for portability.

Buying Guide


Check the size of the tool chest before purchasing it. Also, consider the place where you want to keep it. It should be fit your desired place.


Don’t select a single or dual compartment tool chest if you have many tools of different sizes. Select a multi-compartment tool chest that could cover all your tools. It should come with different trays for small tools and big cabinets for power tools.


Check the material of the toolbox before purchasing it. Since you will use it for years, don’t select a tool chest made of ordinary material. Select a reliable and durable tool chest to last for years. Mostly, a good tool chest is made of stainless steel with a rust-free coating to make the product durable for a long time.


Don’t select a weighty product that’s not easy for mobility. It should be lightweight to move from one place to another easily. Particularly, don’t select a heavier tool chest if you frequently use it outdoor and indoor.


A tool chest with wheels can be moved easily regardless of weight. You can move it on all surfaces with ease and comfort.

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