Amazing Bass Fishing Videos That Will Change The Way You Fish

Bass fishing is probably considered one of the most well-known kinds of fishing sport today and is widely popular in North America where black bass is usually found.

Bass fishing has also driven the development of different gear and techniques in fishing that we have today and sometimes it can be a daunting task where to begin.

This is where YouTube comes in. Bass fishing videos will help you not only learn new techniques and find out about equipment but it will really up your game in the wonderful world of bass fishing.

If you are new to bass fishing or just simply looking to upgrade your skills, there is a bass fishing video available for you. YouTube is now the newest source of information where tons of videos are available to teach you and to train you.

You can learn more about bass fishing through videos than through standard textbooks today. It will definitely change the way you fish.

Best Bass Fishing Videos

We decided to compile a list of bass fishing videos below that can help you find out more on the many intricacies of this famous sport. You will soon find yourself a bass fishing expert in no time by simply watching these videos.

1. How to Find Fish – Bass Fishing

If you are only starting to fish bass, one of the most important things that you need to learn is to actually find where fish can be found. It would be a waste of time to simply cast your line only to sit hours at a time and not catch anything. You will want to go where the fish is so you can increase your chances of catching them.

In this video, you will be taught on what an effective way to find bass fish is and how to catch them in an open lake. You will also get recommendations on equipment to use and what not to do when it comes to determining areas that will be great to catch bass.

This video is a must when it comes to learning about finding fish especially bass. This is an essential tip so that you don’t end up wasting your time and you can be more effective in finding larger schools of fish.​

2. Tips to Find and Catch Bass in Grass Beds

If you are starting to learn how to fish bass and you don’t have much experience yet in certain fishing spots and conditions, this is a great tutorial video. Here you can learn to fish for bass in grassy riverbeds.

Grass beds are often difficult to fish in due to fish hiding in them. Grass also provides protective cover for bass and other fish as your hooks or lines can entangled in them. This video will teach you the basics so that you can really be more effective in searching for schools of bass and how you can ensure fish can get caught effectively.

I encourage everyone who is learning to bass fish in different water environments to check out the video and see how they too can start finding and catching fish in grass beds.

3. One Lure You Always Need for Bass Fishing

Speaking of lures, when you go fishing lures are very important as these will be the ones that will attract the fish to your hook. This is especially important when we are talking about gamefish such as bass.

In this video, the angler describes one kind of lure that you will ever need when it comes to fishing bass. This lure is one he never leaves the dock without it if he plans to do some bass fishing. He also talks about how to use the lure in a day of fishing during spring time. He even gives a bonus tip for all “dudes.”

So if you’re just about to start bass fishing, this is definitely a video to watch.

4. Seven Must – Know Deep Diving Crankbait Tips for Big Bass

If you are looking to do some big game bass fishing, then this video is for you. In this video, Brandon Palaniuk gives us 7 must-know tips on using deep dive crankbait lures for bass fishing.

Larger bass are usually found in deeper waters and in large lakes and rivers. So you need to use deep dive lures that can go to deeper waters so that it can reach the really large fish. In the video, you will be taught on the use of those deep dive crankbaits and how you can become more effective in catching large sized bass.

At the end of this bass fishing video, you will definitely learn more about deep dive crankbaits and how to catch those big game bass with them. Very informative and useful for any big bass angler.

5. How to Fish Crankbaits Through Grass

Here’s another video on how to fish through grass. Fishing in grassy areas can be very frustrating and does take a lot of work. However, the payoff is really great especially when you are able to find a school of bass hiding in a grassy area.

Mike Iaconelli talks about fishing for bass in grassy areas using a crankbait. Here he talks about how most of his catches of bass fish happens when his crankbait gets caught on some grass and the sudden movement when they get free is where he gets bites. He talks about how he intentionally gets his crankbait get stuck so he can get that sudden movement that will attract bass.

Definitely a must see video to give you more ideas on how you can be effective with crankbaits in grassy areas.


There are many things you can learn about bass fishing whether you’re an expert fisher or just starting to get into the sport. There are many tips and tricks out there and recommendations on techniques and even gears you can use for bass fishing. The key to getting better is by learning and listening from other experts.

So once you’ve gone through our list see what other topics are available with regard to bass fishing and I can definitely guarantee you will really learn along the way

Matt John

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