The Best Refractory Cement for Forge – Reviews 2018

You cannot use ordinary cement for repairing fireplaces and applications around high-temperature. For this particular use, the best thing for you is to choose the appropriate refractory cement.

However, the main problem is to find the convenient one for your preferences. That is why you should think about the project you tend to finish. At the same time, we wanted to show you relevant information so that you can make more quality purchase.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you best refractory cement for forge reviews.

Top 4 The Best Refractory Cement for Forge


If you want to choose the pre-mixed refractory cement, we recommend you to choose MEECO'S RED DEVIL 610 refractory cement. It includes high-temperature silicate mortar so that you can use it with additional efficiency.

You can use it for repairing, coating or set firebrick because it contains silicate mortar that is completely temperature efficient. Due to the possibility to withstand up to 3000 degrees F, you can use it for different application and coatings. However, you should have in mind that is for indoor use only.

You can also use it for thicker joints in case that you need to do it. The overall size is 1/2-gallons which are enough to finish any work around your house. Of course, it requires a heat so that you can cure it.


  • It can withstand temperatures up to 3000-degree F
  • Affordable when compared with other refractory cement
  • The overall size is 1/2-gallons
  • Fiber reinforced for additional efficiency


  • It is only for indoor use

2. Rutland Products 601

It doesn't matter if you want to fix large cracks in your outdoor or indoor fireplace or other heating appliance because Rutland Product 601 Rutland Castable Refractory Cement is the most convenient solution. It is a dry mix of cement that will become sturdy as firebricks.

It is perfect if you want to use it to make a custom design because it will comfortably hold any shape while drying. Therefore, it is excellent for building shells of pizza ovens, firepots and you can use it as sole material when creating outdoor oven or solid stove bed.

It has the immersive strength, and it will quickly replace mortar, fill significant holes in masonry and if you want to use it for tuck-pointing. In case that you want to make thicker application, we recommend you to use layering.


  • It can withstand up to 2200-degrees F
  • You don't have to cure it
  • Perfect for custom ovens and firebrick shapes
  • You can quickly fix large masonry cracks


  • For thicker applications, you have to use layering

3. Rutland 12.5 lbs Tub

Rutland 12.5 lbs Tub Castable Cement is an excellent solution for both outdoor and indoor use because it can withstand highest temperatures. That makes it great for fixing large holes in fireplaces, and other heating appliances.

You will get the dry mix within the 12.5-pound package so that you can use it for a variety of projects. In case that you want to make your customized design of fireplace, and you don't want to purchase expensive bricks, you can use this particular cement.

The main reason for its popularity is its feature to dry hard and to become thick as a brick. At the same time, due to its excellent mixture, you can create different shapes, and it will drain the way you put it. That will allow you to make creative fireplace designs all around your household.


  • A lot of capabilities
  • Versatile refractory cement that you can use for wide-array of projects
  • You can quickly shape it for customized use
  • The 12.5-pound package is enough to handle any project you have


  • You will have to mix it with water

4. Imperial Cement Refractory 3lb Buff

The best thing about Imperial Cement Refractory 3lb Buff is that you will be able to repair linings and bricks promptly. It has excellent heat resistance features that can withstand up to 2200-degrees F. At the same time; the color is buff so that you can match it with your decor without too much hassle.

It is a dry mix so that you can use it for fixing heating appliances such as fireplaces and fire ovens. You can use it both outdoors and indoors, which is an excellent feature when we compare it with other refractory cement on the market. You can also cast it in custom shape and use your creativity with ease.


  • It will set in a matter of minutes
  • It doesn't have asbestos
  • Maximum heat resistance up to 2200-degrees F
  • Possibility to cast it in different shapes
  • Quick repair of linings and bricks


  • It comes only in 3 pounds size

How to choose the best Refractory Cement For Forge

  • Heat Resistance – First thing that you must consider when selecting refractory cement is the possibility to withstand heat. The main idea is for you to use it for fireplaces, ovens and other heating appliances, which is why you must find the one that has at least 2000-degrees F heat resistance.
  • Versatility – Choosing the refractory cement requires prior knowledge. You must ensure that you find the cement for the project you want. At the same time, check whether you can use the adhesive both indoors and outdoors.
  • Lack Of Chemicals – The refractory cement must be heat resistant, which is why you should consider finding the one that doesn't have asbestos. This particular compound can create a mess in your fireplace, which is why you should find the cement with lack of it.
  • Shaping – The high-end refractory cement is excellent because you can shape them while they are wet so that you can create different, creative and custom fireplaces based on your preferences.
  • Size – Size is also significant because the idea is to finish the entire project without pausing because you used all cement. Therefore, check the package and size before you choose the one for you.

Final Thought

We have presented you thorough reviews and buying a guide on best refractory cement. As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, the refractory cement is essential for constructing and repairing fireplaces and other high-temperature appliances.

Finding the appropriate one depends on the type of project you want to finish and other individual preferences. However, you should still reread this particular article, so that you can check if you have missed something important.

In case that you want to ask us something, feel free to comment in the section below. We will answer you on short notice.

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