Unearthing the Shark vs Dyson – Who is the Winner?

Choosing a suitable vacuum cleaner for your house or work place can be tricky. It doesn’t seem like a big decision and while most vacuum cleaners are similar by function and size, they differ vastly under the hood.

Dyson and Shark are two highly reputed brands known for vacuum production.

However the shark vs dyson debate has been a never-relenting one. The latest dyson ball multi floor or more commonly known as DC65 has been a head rival to the Shark rotator professional lift.

The bright yellow accents, easy to sterr ball technology, strong suction differentiate the dyson from the shark.

However, the vacuum from shark also has several unique features like the easy carry handle, led lights and lighter body weight.

But as far as vacuum cleaner companies go, every company scores fairly well when it comes to unveiling quality products every time.

Therefore, the competition boils down to affordability, specs, reviews and various options available.

It is the duty of this article to unearth the major difference and give an honest and unbiased review on both the products.

Compare What is it: Shark vs Dyson

This is one of the most interesting comparison between vacuum machines. Both companies are highly reputed for their quality products.

However, the shark vs dyson battle is heated up be the varying features of both the machines.

Shark Rotator Professional lift away description:  The shark rotator professional lift is convenient to use with its easy carry handle, led lights for night use, easily detachable vacuum pod as well as easily washable filters and lighter weight.

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum

Dyson DC65 descriptionOne of the notable features of the dyson is the higher power produced by the machine in comparison to the shark product. Producing 245 air watts, the dyson is incredibly powerful.

The dyson is the heavier of the two machines but does include ball technology which allows it to easily steer easily into the trickiest places.

Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Compare Features: Shark vs Dyson

Shark features:

The most notable feature is the Lift away feature which allows you to lift the canister away with a push of a button to reach the difficult to reach areas of your house.

Advanced swivel steering adds additional functionality to the vacuum and allows easy manoeuvring around furniture. The pet upholstery tool can be used to pick up animal fur.

Dyson features:

The high power of the dyson is one of its greatest advantages. Another notable feature is the hygienic bin emptying which can be just by the push of a button.

The instant release wand also helps in reaching hard to reach areas.

Compare How Does it Work: Shark vs Dyson

How does the shark work?

The shark uses cyclone technology within the machine which prevents clogging. This provides “no loss suction” feature which means the single cyclone has enough power to pull dirt from the air.

This allows the suction power of the vacuum to remain a constant at all times.

How does the dyson works

The dyson also uses root cyclone technology but what sets the dyson apart from the shark is that it has a double cyclone making it stronger than the shark.

The dyson is made up of vacs with an articulating base plate, which allows you to move over from hardwood floors to carpet without making any manual adjustments.

Compare Benefits: Shark vs Dyson

Shark Benefits:

The battle of shark vs dyson intensifies only in the aspect of the benefits offered. With that being the case, the shark offers an easy carry handle for easy using in tight home spaces.

The LED lights add functionality when using it in dark spaces where light doesn’t reach.

Dyson Benefits:

The high suction power nearly 245 air watts is very much greater than the standard vacuum machine suction power of 100 air watts.

The dyson’s ball technology gives it an advantage over the shark in the shark vs dyson battle. The HEPA filter, hygienic bin emptying is all additional functionalities.

Compare the Pros and Cons: Shark vs Dyson

Both the cleaners come with their own set of added benefits in the form of attachments and tools.

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum



Our rating

The shark is a very powerful machine which has proved to be great tool of help for users all over the world. With only positive reviews throughout, the shark proves to be a good machine.

My personal opinion would be that the suction power of the shark is impeccable and lift away feature is truly what gives it the edge in the shark vs dyson battle.


  • Lighter of the two at 15.7 pounds
  • Led lights help in dark areas.
  • Bigger dust container.


  • Need to manually change height.
  • They lack extra extensions and attachments.

Verdict: The shark is a power machine which includes several efficient features for the home user. The shark product proves to be a valid competitor in the shark vs dyson battle.

Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner



Our rating

The dyson is a highly reputed brand and has not failed to impress its customers any time. The ball technology has proven to be of great use.

This vacuum sucks, literally. After using my old vacuum to clean the house I tested out the dyson and I was amazed as to how much dirt my old vacuum wasn’t getting.


  • Cyclone technology has two tiers of radial cones.
  • Articulating base plate.
  • Ball technology


  • Cannot be converted into handheld model.
  • No headlights for use in the dark.
  • Heavier of the two.

Verdict: The more highly reputed brand of dyson has given a tough fight to the shark model. Although the dyson product is very powerful and technologically advanced it does lack in certain functionalities when compared with the shark.

The Final Verdict: The Winner of Shark vs Dyson

So, the gruesome and close battle of shark vs dyson comes to an end. It is evident that both models scored high points in all the fields for which they were pitted and are indeed both top notch products. However there can only be one winner.

And the winner is the dyson. Being the more reliable brand and powerful vacuum cleaner the dyson just prevails over the shark by a minor margin.

The ball technology, double root cyclone technology, articulating base plate along with the hygienic bin emptying give it the edge over the shark.

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