The Best file for Sharpening an Axe – Reviews 2018

Best file for sharpening an axe

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While it’s known that a man’s best friend is a dog, most lumberjacks would actually pick an efficient axe for a best friend. Any person who loves the wood or likes going for camps will concur. Not only does an axe that is sharp smoothen the process but it makes the handler a master, immensely enjoying the process. 

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As such, a blunt axe is as useless as a dog’s skin and finding the best file to make good its edges goes a long way. Innovation has played a key role to ensure that an axe is almost as good as new through the files that are picking in the markets.  With not many reviews about a file that can provide convenience and is quite effective, most axes are thrown out if the edges lose their sharpness. To help you shop for an axe sharpener that will make your axe enviable and will not put holes in your pocket, we came up with a thorough findings on the best sharpeners to grab for yourself. Here are our best recommendations for the best file for Sharpening an Axe to look out for.

Reviews of the Best file for sharpening an axe

1. Lansky Puck - Dual Grit Multi-Purpose Sharpener

The Lansky Puck Axe & Tool Sharpener is convenient as it can fit in a pocket making it less cumbersome to carry around. Other than providing convenience, the file has a competitive edge for being layered in different textures that best suits the axe

Therefore, an axe that has become coarse overtime, can be sharpened with the side that is coarse, a feature that can also be used to shape the axe. The less coarse side is efficient in finishing up of the sharpening and can also be used where an axe’s edge is not very coarse.

This sharpener is no doubt a dominant in the market place as it provides both the advantage of easily sharpening an axe and also is easy to use. To note is that other tools can be sharpened by the same sharpener as its double grit provides a platform for that. What more can someone ask for?

2. The Gransforks Bruks Axe Sharpening Diamond

Almost with similar features to the puck axe & tool sharpener is the Gransforks Bruks Axe Sharpening Diamond that has predominantly two features that makes it a great axe sharpener. Its sheath provides comfort as a holder for the sharpener whereas its grit is useful when a sharp edge is required. However, for its size and in comparison, with other axe sharpeners, the file is rather costly

Its use is versatile as it can be a handy tool while in camp or in regular activities. It is a great gift idea for the camp lovers and anyone looking for an incredible touch up to edges in seconds!

3. 8" Axe File 06706

The 8" Axe File 06706 is best preferred mostly due to its size. Those who prefer sharpening faster by covering a larger surface area have this tool to thank for. Due to its wideness, a sharper profile can be obtained with minimal effort as the double grit side has made it effective just like the other files but with an upper hand of performing the same task within a smaller time frame. The pricing is way higher than other files making it less common in as much as it the 8-inch file is a very effective axe sharpener

4. Nicholson 06706N Axe File

It would be guileless for as not to compare axe files that will have you picking one for another due to their similarity. Competing with the 8" Axe File 06706 is another 8 -inch file that you will find very effective. The file has been made bearing the user in mind providing both longevity and making it viable for rigorous activities. Its use has been highly recommended as it completes the same task while being pocket friendly.

Compared to the 8" Axe File 06706, the Nicholson 06706N Axe File saves you almost five dollars without penalizing you for doing so. In fact, it has almost the same features as the 8" Axe File 06706 and you will find it rather effective making it one of the best files to have

The file has many uses other than being a sharpening tool that ranges from axes to other gardening tools. You will definitely find it quite useful for its vibrant use in removing materials through its double cut while at the same time it maintains a sharp edge by having a single cut. Why not kill two birds with one stone? What’s more? It comes with a free gift wrap and makes a great gift for the adventurous type. I could definitely use this for my camping!

With most of the promotions being isolated on either the price or the feature of the files, why not have a tool that combines both? All the sharpeners mentioned above will set your axe on top of the game so why not just grab one that best suits your needs?

If you have a constraint or are considering replacement of an axe with a new one just because it’s blunt, keep in mind that an axe is meant to be durable and therefore a great sharpener is all that you need. Go with the size that you prefer, the roughness that will not hurt you just to have the axe sharp and the versatility of the tool when it comes to refining edges


From our research the best file to act as an axe sharpener would be the Nicholson 06706N Axe File due to its versatility, affordability and its prominent recommendations by the user. The product can be found at amazon. The Lansky Puck - Dual Grit Multi-Purpose Sharpener is also a great match due to its appeal to the eye and the fact that it can be carried so easily. However, it only covers only a small portion when being used to sharpen the edges. Happy shopping!

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