How To Prepare Baby Food Safely On Vacation

You’re planning your first vacation with your babies and you’re terrified by it. Also, you don’t have a clue how you’re going to prepare the food for your little ones. No worries because you are not alone in this. By the time you are done reading this piece, your worries will be settled forever.

The biggest concern for every parent is how to prepare baby food safely on vacation. You still want to make it by yourself but you’re not sure what you can count on. What ingredients can you find there? Is it safe to buy food from locals? These questions linger on your mind like a shadow.

We’ll take care of it. Just stay tuned and follow our simple and easy 5-step guide for preparing baby food safely!

Be prepared

If you’re travelling somewhere with your babies, make sure you bring all the stuff you will need to prepare baby food safely while you’re there. For start, you will need:

  • a portable refrigerator (if there isn’t any in a hotel) - you’ll be using the refrigerator only for storing baby food in there.
  • food thermometer
  • 4-5 plastic bags
  • 2-3 food containers
  • baby napkins
  • anti-bacterical soap
  • alcohol or asepsol
  • baby’s spoon, bottle and cup
  • a hand blender

Your baby is particularly vulnerable to illness caused by food bacteria, so it’s a major challenge to keep your baby’s food safe while on a vacation. The best way to keep the safety of your baby’s food is to be absolutely prepared by bringing some stuff with you.

The most important thing is to store the food properly, so you will be needing a refrigerator that is just for your baby’s food. If you don’t have one in a hotel, you should bring a portable refrigerator.

The second most important thing is where you will be storing your baby’s food, so you need to bring some plastic bags (for vegetable and fruit) and food containers (for breast milk or formula and for storing prepared food).

How to prepare baby food safely: step-by-step guide

How to prepare baby food safely: step-by-step guide

How to prepare baby food safely: step-by-step guide

Step #1 - selecting and buying

Since you’re on your vacation, you’re depending on local markets and stores for food. The best way is to use fresh ingredients, and you need to be extra cautious when you select ones in local markets.

Look for ripe fruits and vegetables. If they look too dry on the outside, they probably won’t taste good and you should avoid those. Needless to mention, dry fruits and vegetables they may not necessarily be packed with the right nutrition for your baby. If the fruit’s skin colour looks differently than it should (it’s green or brown, with dark spots on it), avoid buying those, also,

If you have a chance, ask to taste the fruit or vegetables before buying it. If it tastes good, then you’re good to go. If not, keep looking. You could also buy frozen ingredients if necessary.

Step #2 - preparing

The preparation of your baby’s food is pretty much the same as when you’re at home. The difference is that you need to be extra careful with hygiene.

Firstly, wash your hands and the working surface. Use hot soapy water for your hands and an alcohol or asepsol for your working surface. Then clean the hand blender, bowl, fork, knife and every other stuff you’ll be using in preparing the meal. Use different cutting boards for different food.

Before preparing the food, wash and clean vegetables and fruits first. You can mix water and vinegar in 3:1 ratio for removing the bacteria from the skin. Put the fruit or the vegetable in a mix and then wash it under the running water. Dry the skin with kitchen towel.

Avoid using eggs or raw meat while you’re on vacation. Also, you should avoid using any dairis or unpasteurized fruit juice.

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Step #3 - serving

Serve food as soon as you prepare it. Don’t wait to get too cold (if you cooked it) and don’t leave it outside of the refrigerator for too long. Always take the amount your baby is going to eat - try not to put too much food. It’s better to put one tablespoon and then add more.

Before you serve the meal to your baby, wash the bowl, cup and spoon under hot running water. Use kitchen towels to dry it. Put the food directly into the bowl or cup.

You should also clean the baby’s eating area if there’s one. If your baby eats finger food or eats with his hands, clean their hands before they start eating.

Remember: toss the uneaten meal from your baby’s dish and don’t put it back into refrigerator!

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Step #4 - storing

After finishing the meal, store the rest of the ingredients in food containers. You can use this food for the next meal. In that case, you should use food thermometer to check the temperature of the meal before serving it to your baby. The optimal serving temperature is a room temperature.

Fresh ingredients (vegetables and fruits) should be stored in plastic bags on a separate shelf in the refrigerator. If you don’t have one in a hotel and you’re using a portable refrigerator, put fruits and vegetables on one side of the refrigerator.

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Step #5 - things to avoid

Try to avoid using the microwave (if you have one in your room). Microwave can heat unevenly, so you need to make sure that you stir the food before you serving it (in order to avoid “hot spots”). Don’t reheat your baby’s food more than once!

Don’t sweeten your baby’s food, because they don’t need extra sugar. On the other hand, you can add seasonings, but try not to put too much in the meal.

If some insects or pets come in touch with your baby’s food or some of the ingredients, throw it away and make or buy a fresh ones.

Well, that doesn’t look too complicated, does it? We know, but if you want to enjoy your baby’s first vacation you better be prepared for it. You should keep the level of hygiene on ultra high and be careful to wash your hands, your baby’s hands and all the equipment that you need before you start preparing the food.


Follow our simple 5-step guide to get the results you’re looking for. Have some other experience or tip on how to prepare baby food safely? Feel free to post a comment below! And if the post hit you in a tender place, you might want to share it on your social media pages so it reaches even a wider audience.

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