An Objective Sodastream Play Review

A sodastream play is one of the most efficient appliances you can have at home. The exceptional features ensure that you can enjoy your soda at the comfort of your own home. This is made possible by forcing carbon dioxide gas stored under pressure in a cylinder in the device into water which makes if fizzy.

Some of the greatest sodastream play reviews made by most users are based on the machine's ability to turn water into a refreshing soda in a matter of seconds. Join me as I take you through some of the pertinent information on this resourceful appliance.

Since I bought this product about three months ago, I have regularly been using it at home. I find it quite enjoyable making drinks because of the speed and ease of preparing such drinks.

My husband and I went out camping a few weeks ago and this product came in handy during this period. Generally speaking, this is a great product to have at home besides the few minor issues that I experienced using it. I would give it 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Sodastream play Features

1. Light weight

The light weight makes it easy to carry around and can be easily moved around your home as well. This means that you can use it both at home and during outdoor events without necessarily needing an extra pair of hands.

The light weight ensures that you do not incur the unnecessary expenses to have it carried around when you have outdoor events. Additionally, this makes it easier to clean the kitchen surfaces for the very fact that you can easily move it around when you are cleaning.

2. Blocky shape

The sodastream play comes in a unique blocky shape and in several colors. This blocky shape is important because it allows the device to hold the standard 60L carbonator or the 130L carbonator which makes it ideal for heavy soda drinkers.

The product also comes with a 1L and 0.5L BPA free plastic bottles for use. This means you can create a liter of half a liter of fizzy water. It gives you the ability to make this choice.

3. Slide and snap lock feature

The sodastream play features a slide and snap lock feature. This feature allows you to slide the bottles into place very easily. A large button controls the carbonation process and you can pump this button as several times.

This allows you to customize the amount of carbonation. This feature has greatly inspired some of the sodastream play reviews, seeing as most users of the appliance enjoy the convenience of easily sliding the bottle into place while using the device.

4. Compatible with 0.5 and 1 liter bottles

This compatibility makes it easier for you to make your soda at home using either the 0.5 liter or 1 liter bottle. This gives you reasonable options to choose from depending on the number of drinks you would want to make.

SodaStream Play Home Soda Maker Starter Kit, Black

SodaStream Play Home Soda Maker Starter Kit, Black


1. No need to plug into a power socket

Certain features make the sodastream play a desirable product. For example, it is not a typical kitchen appliance that requires plugging in to a power socket. It does not require electric power to work and this means that you can store it anywhere.

You do not need to concern yourself with making space for it on the kitchen counter to use power cables. This makes it easier to pack and bring it with you to events such as hikes and camping. This is one of the major benefits many users of the products laud it for. It makes outdoor events engaging and fun to attend.

2. Easy creation of soda

For those who like sparkling water, this is an optimal way of creating some. It is very easy to use. All you need are the various parts that make up the device, water in a bottle, then press the button on the device to fizz your water. You can even make sparkling water out of tap water. With this machine at home, you no longer need to buy fizzy water from the supermarket.

It is also a healthier option when compared to other sparkling water available at the market already bottled. Some of those brands include calories in the water because of sugars used in the production process. Making tap water fizzy is a healthier option because it allows you to drink sparkling water without adding your calorie intake.

3. Easy to assemble

Getting more bottles and carbon dioxide cylinders or syrups is relatively easy. Anything extra can be purchased from a sodastream retailer. You can also shop online for them and delivery made to your door step. The kit itself comes with a free gas cylinder upgrade of 60L. This means you can upgrade your 30L cylinder to a 60L cylinder when going for a refill.

4. User friendly

This is one of the easiest products to use at home. The instructions are fairly simple for you to prepare your flavored soda. This involves a simple process of filling the water bottle and pushing a button to get the drink fizzy and the bubbles going.


1. Extra pumping

Although this is a great product to have at your home, sometimes you need to make more pumps to make it fizzy. Some people may find this a little time consuming. On a lighter note though, while this may be seen as a disadvantage, it is necessary to get the desired drink so you may want to go all out with the extra pumping till you achieve that.

2. Assembling and preparing

This is one of the reasons that accounts for a majority of sodastream play reviews among people whom have purchased the device for home use. Some people find assembling and preparing engaging, tasking and time-consuming as you have to hold the bottle in place as the soda is being made.


Having used this product for a while now and noted its pros and cons, I would say that the 4.2 out of 5 reviews is quite a fair and honest assessment of the product. I have found using this product quite enjoyable and beneficial for most of my indoor and outdoor events.

Generally speaking, the benefits you get by purchasing this product greatly outweigh the few cons that you experience using it.


This is one of the best soda makers you can have at your home for those who love to enjoy soda. This sodastream play review is primarily informed by the experience I have gathered using the product for the last few months. The great features ensure that you reap the full benefits of having this product at home.

Without belaboring the point, it is important to underscore the ease of use of this product as you are often good to go after attaching the carbonating cylinder. You can flavor the water if you want since there are a lot of syrups provided. You can also use your own homemade syrups if you have them.

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