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Look Up The Best Marine Battery Reviews For Expert Advise

Marine batteries are packed with power to enable your vehicles work with utmost efficiency, but some are more powerful than others. This is based on their uses and number of features. There are many marine batteries out there made by different brands and having various models. This article has the best marine battery reviews that will […]

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Best Freshwater Fish To Eat For A Balanced Diet

Do you feel like your definition of being a meat-eater puts you in the “needing bacon, sausage, steak or chops at every meal” category? And if so, has this habit made you feel a bit too carnivorous, heavy and unbanlanced? There are solutions, and bringing fish into your diet is at the top of the […]

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Unveiling the Best Portable Fish Finders

Imagine yourself—sitting on a river bank after you have cast a line and quietly waiting for the fish to grab your lure, a tedious task right? Speculation on whether you are above a fishing spot is now a thing of the past. The advancing fishing technology makes it possible to see fishes lurking below deep waters, […]

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Easy Recipe To Learn How To Cook Sheepshead Fish

What is Sheepshead fish?Sheepshead or Archosargus probatocephalus is a saltwater fish found mainly in the coastal areas of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a compressed structure with dark bars on its gray body. These fish can easily be identified with their peculiar stubby teeth. Fishermen generally find them in jetties, piers, reefs, and rocky piles. The […]

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How To Cook Whiting Fish In The Oven

What Is Whiting Fish?Merlangius merlangus, also known as whiting fish is a delicious food that is very important around many areas, such as the norther Mediterranean, the Black Seas, and Chilean sea bass. It is a white sea fish, and is similar to cod. This is because Whiting is a member of the cod family. The reason many […]

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How To Catch Bass In Seven Steps

The first time it comes to your mind, you may think about how to catch bass as an easy task. Oh yes it is! In fact it is a lot of fun, as I have come to discover. But there are rules to follow. Firstly, what would you need on your bass catching trip? How […]

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What are the Best Fish Finders for Kayaks?

​If you love fishing, investing in a fish finder is a great way to expand your options and increase your catch. In this article, we’ve gathered a list of the best fish finders for kayaks to help you improve your fishing techniques and essentially help you get the catch of the day. you may also like: Best […]

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