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The Most Expensive Fishing Lure Money Can Buy

It’s a warm summer day. You’re on your boat, eyes closed, at peace. You’ve got your rod in its mount. Suddenly, something hits! It takes off. You quickly figure out which rod, grab it, pull… The hook sets! Then the fight starts. You realize you know this fish. You’ve fought it before.This is the beast. […]

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Get Your Catch Ready To Cook: How To Clean Walleye

There’s something to be said for catching the food you eat. Hunting and fishing are a popular pastime, and many people take great pride in personally catching the food for themselves and their family.Fishing for walleye is a popular activity in the fishing community, and these fish make great eats, too! But once you’ve caught […]

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What Is The Best Plastic Worm For Bass Fishing?

Every time you take a visit to a tackle shop near your place, there will always be a section where a wall is occupied with different rubber worms of all shapes and sizes. The question now, considering all the options a shop presents you is, what is the best plastic worm for bass fishing?However, before […]

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How To Put Fishing Line In Reel In Just 5 Minutes

Loading a fishing line correctly is very important. If this is neglected, be ready for a very frustrating line-twist that you will also see in your nightmares. During this line-twist, your line twists into coils that it will hang limp. When this happens, your line will tangle forming an ugly nest by the time you […]

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