Easy Ways to Travel with Homemade Baby Food

So, are you a new mom or dad? Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. We bet you are on cloud nine with a new addition to your family. However, just like every new parent, you too are missing out on one thing: Your social life!

Thanks to the new-age conveniences and more baby-friendly facilities, gone are the days when you had to wait till your child is old enough to travel.

But in spite of everything, one intimidating aspect that still nags parents is how to keep your kiddo full while traveling. With all the worry over too spicy food in restaurants or the unhygienic scare of commercial baby food, you would rather prefer to carry homemade nutriment.

Needless to say, preparing baby food for travel requires a bit of planning overhead. That’s why we have made a list of some easy ways to travel with homemade baby food.

What You will Need to Carry when Traveling with Your Baby

There are certain requisites that you require when preparing homemade baby food for a trip.

  • Prepare food solid such as carrot, mashed potato or cucumber to semi-solid items like yogurt that your baby eats

  • Your baby’s favorite food bowl or plate and feeding spoon
  • Airtight food storage containers, freezing bags or mini-coolers
  • "Almost’’ ripe fruits such as banana, avocado, sapodilla, grapes, strawberry or papaya
  • Liquids your baby sip on happily such as water or juice

Just remember to tick off the items on the list as you prepare and pack them.

Things to Remember: Fruits can prove to be a bit tricky when taking along on a flight. If your travel destination doesn’t allow you to carry fresh fruits via air, make sure to look in the shops at departures terminal. They usually have bananas for sale.

Our Step-by-Step Traveling with Homemade Baby Food Guide

Once you have all the listed essentials handy, here is a guide on how to prepare spill proof, hunger diminishing yet yummy baby food.

#1. An Easy Storage and Packing Fix - Carry the Baby Food as Frozen Cubes

If you are planning to take an adventurous trip with your mini bean, prepare some porous to semi-porous baby food before night and refrigerate it in ice trays. Plan out how many cubes of each food item you will require to feed your baby during the trip.

Once done and made, you will have the most portable method to travel with homemade baby food. Pack the food boxes in mini cooler, packed with ice cubes, to keep the getting thawed. full of the frozen food cubes you will need.

Once your baby is ready for the meal, warm or slightly heat the cubes to melt and thaw them. Keep a close eye on the cubes as they thaw to prevent it from overheating. Remember, not to leave the frozen cubes out at room temperature just after taking them out of the cooler. It may lead to bacteria and germ build up.

#2. Don’t ever Forget the Magical Traveling Trio

As a parent, you become so accustomed to preparing, pureeing and packing that we often the easiest method of carrying homemade baby food on a go – a mashable fruit like banana or a baked sweet potato, an airtight container and the fork - your very own magical traveling trio!

If you are planning to take your baby on his/her first air trip or even on a day tour to a mall, these three vitals are all you require for your little one. So grasp a small tote with a lid and toss in a banana with peel and a fork and voila, you are ready to go!

And when your squirming arm buddy starts feeling hungry, peel the banana, mash it with the fork in the container and here is all fresh baby food at your service.

#3. The Other Types of Home Foods to Feed your Baby

Apart from preparing dishes at home, there are also some home food items that you can pack for your baby.

Cereals make a good rescue when you have to travel with homemade baby food. You can either take your wee one’s favorite ground grains with you and cook them at your travel destination or you can take some boiled cereals, season them and then use the frozen cube method on them.

Vegetables that can either easily be chewed by your baby or are easy to puree or mash can be taken. Just cut or dice them and pack in an airtight container with a lid or freezer bags prior to leaving. Pour in a little water in the container to maintain the freshness of the vegetables during the travel.

The Conclusion

We are sure our guide on how to travel with homemade baby food will help you and your baby enjoy your holidays. But if you feel that the above tips are too time consuming or overwhelming, you can always take commercial cereals or baby food along with you.

Till then, happy traveling to you!

Megan Ann

I’m Megan Ann, mama to 2 and wife to James F. Core. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I try to write useful and informative articles to help you as much as I can with my knowledge. Thank you for reading.

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