The 5 Best Tool Chests under $500 – Reviews 2018

Most tasks are completed with tools. Tools make everyday life a lot easier. Since tools are extremely important, it is only proper that they are always kept nearby.

It can be a bit frustrating to be missing a tool at a time when it is needed the most. Many people have the practice of living tools lying all over the house.

A screwdriver in one of the garage drawers or perhaps pliers inside one of the kitchen drawers. There are also times when nails and screws are just left on top of the garage table. Even power tools are sometimes left lying around.

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Can you just imagine what may happen when your toddler gets hold of a screwdriver lying around and pokes his eyes? How about a nine-year-old suddenly turning on your chainsaw?

To avoid these things, keep your tools, organize, neat and safe. In a tool chest, you will be able to keep your tools, organized, safe, secure and damage-free.

The 5 Best Tool Chest under $500 reviews

1. Viper Storage Tool, 16-inch

The Viper Tool Storage is a 16-inch wide powder coated steel tool chest. Its slim size makes it fit into small spaces. Albeit slim, this tool chest comes with four 6-inch aluminum drawers plus an oversized compartment at the bottom for large and bulky tools.

Drawers can hold a total of 100-pounds worth of tools.  Each drawer extends all the way out with easy glide because of its ball-bearing slides. This tool chest is equipped with 2-inch casters that swivel for smooth rolling and easy maneuverability. Casters lock when parked.

Each drawer comes with a drawer mat. The side of the tool chest has a folding side shelf with compartments for 4 cups ideal for small tools when at work. A side handle made of chrome adds to the easy maneuverability of this tool chest.

The Viper tool storage features a one-key locking system to keep all your tools safe and secure.


A busy stylist says she just loves this tool salon cart. The wheels are great for rolling the storage cart from one customer to another. She says not to be fooled by the size of this chest because it can load all her tools, combs, brushes and products.

 2. Viper Storage Tool, 26-inch

The Viper Tool Storage 26-inch tool storage is made from 18-grade powder coated steel making it strong and durable as well as resistant to scratches, chips, and dents. This tool storage is ideal to use in any work environment from the classy salon to the rugged garage or construction site.

Each drawer is equipped with ball bearing slides for an easy glide even when loaded with up to 100 pounds of tools. Drawers extend all the way out for easy retrieval of tools. Each drawer also comes with a mat in the same color as the storage chest. A tubular cam centralized locking system keeps all your tools safe and secure.

The 5-inch heavy-duty polyurethane casters that are resistant to grease, oil and other chemicals ensure easy maneuverability. The 2 swivel casters and 2 rigid casters will not cause any marring thus it can be rolled even in the most delicate of floors.

A user says the Viper 26-inch tool storage is the coolest tool chest she has ever purchased. She loved the draw liners which were of the same color as the tool chest. she says the quality of the chest makes it worth its price. She couldn’t help but say that at least these functional tool chests are no longer limited to red, black or gray. 

3. Craftsman Tool Chest

Craftsman 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Top Tool Chest, All Steel Construction & Smooth-Glide Drawers

Handymen, carpenters, plumbers, contractors, renovators and DIY enthusiasts will certainly love the portability of this Craftsman heavy-duty 6-drawer tool chest.

This handy tool chest will be a good addition if your main tool chest seems to be running out of space for your tools. Of course, if you need to be on the go, this is a perfect toolbox. For sure you will not forget any of your tools.

It may be a small tool chest, but it has a lot of space for all your tools. This tool chest is entirely made of steel making it highly durable. The smooth gliding bearings in the drawers make them easy to open and close. It has a centralized locking system so you only need to keep 1 key to lock everything up.

Instead of wheels, this Craftsman tool chest comes with an ergonomic handle making it easy to carry.


A user says his dad owns a similar Craftsman tool chest which he has been using for the last 30 years. He just bought his own and noticed that it still has the same durable construction.

4. Rubbermaid Commercial Trademaster Work Center

This is a Rubbermaid tool chest so this comes with a durable plastic molded construction.

This tool chest has 5 drawers with different heights so you can conveniently and systematically store all your supplies, tools and knick-knacks you need to get your job done. The drawers and contents are kept safe and secure by a locking bar that embraces the entire tool chest.

The tool chest includes exterior peg boards on both sides which serves as additional hanging space for tools. You can also easily wrap the cord of your power tools on the side of the chest. The top of the tool chest has small compartments for small supplies and is an additional work table.

The four casters lock when parked so the tool chest remains stable. They can carry up to 250 -pound worth of load. The casters smoothly roll even on hard surfaces.


A user says her Rubbermaid work center is perfect for her garden tools and supplies. She finds it easy to maneuver and lock. 

Choosing the Best Tool Chest

Your tools need to be organized and kept in a safe and secure place. Your tools also need to be protected against possible damage. All these can be provided by the choosing the right tool chest.

1. Know how many tools you have. Choose a tool chest that will fit all your tools with extra space for future tool purchases.

Make sure there are drawers that are deep enough to for your bulky power tools. The load capacity of each drawer must also be able to accommodate your tools.

You should also take into consideration the space you have for your tool chest because the bigger the chest the more space it will consume.

2. Materials and Construction. Most tool chests are made of steel. The higher the steel gauge, the more durable the tool chest becomes and the better it can hold your load of tools. Powder coating makes steel more durable.

3. Slides of the Drawers. Drawers with slides with ball bearings are easy to open and close even when heavily loaded with tools.

4. Quality of the Casters. If you intend to frequently move your tool chest around, rolling casters should be smooth for easy maneuverability.

You should also make sure the casters are right for the type of floor the tool chest is going to be maneuvered. Before finally making the choice, make sure the casters can strong enough to support all your tools.

5. Design and Color. It may be storage space for your tools but it should not stick out like a sore thumb. Choose a color that will blend with the surroundings.

Make sure the layout of the drawers is a perfect fit for your need.

6. Look for other features you may need such as liners and guards on drawers, protective covers, top mats and safety latches.

Of course, the cost is always a factor. While you may want your tool chest to have almost every specification you need and want, there is always a budget that needs to be considered. However, if you are a smart shopper, you will be able to find the right mix.


Tools chests function to keep all tools and supplies organized and securely locked up. It may require a bit of an investment but the functionality and convenience that it provides are worth every penny spent on it.

Of the four tool chests reviewed – Best Tool Chest under $500. I find the Viper Storage Tool, 26-inch to be the one that offers the most value. Being made od 18-grade powder coated steel, it is extremely durable. Each of the powers can accommodate up to 100 pounds of tools.

It only requires 1 key to lock all the drawers so need to carry so many keys or forgetting to lock the other drawers. More importantly, the casters allow for easy maneuverability with marring floors.

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