Getting Ready With The Best Time To Fish Topwater For Bass

What is the best time to fish topwater for bass? When I started fishing for bass I was told that topwater bait are only to be done in the morning or when there is low levels of light just like when it’s getting dark in the evening or early in the morning.

What every angler really needs to know is that you require to have the proper tools to catch a bass. This fish is inquisitive and in most cases will not shy away from the bait or lure if it’s presented to it.

Equally important to note is that it is intelligent enough to stay away from that bait or lure once it knows that something is not adding up. This article will discuss the best time to fish topwater for bass and read on to get an informed analysis.

Getting to know the bass habitat

​Before we tackle on the best time to fish topwater for bass, let’s first look at their habitat. Bass’s habitat is generally in the warm and shallow places found in the lakes, rivers, ponds and many water reservoirs. They are are active when they are in such environments.

Bass prefer areas where there is a bit of thick vegetation, murky waters, weeds or wood cover. They can also adventure into open water searching for food. In open water, they can be found where it’s as deep as 20 feet and/or 8-10 feet deep in murky water.

They are very inquisitive by nature and will not hesitate to take a bite at anything that gets to their attention.

Topwater lures

Topwater lures are also named surface lures and refer to the lures that will float close to the surface of water. They can be wooden or plastic plugs and solicit attacks by bass due to their interest in them.

The other types of lures don’t produce the same effect on bass and believe me you don’t want to try them because you will be disappointed. You can try this product on Amazon Rose Kuli 2 in 1 Fishing Topwater Floating Lure.

This also happens to be one of my favorites and you will never go wrong with it. It comes with the whole fishing kit and there is no better way to get prepared than that.

Where to fish topwaters

Are you looking for an amazing experience with topwaters? Then try open waters and shallow shorelines. The bass will normally strike the topwater in the clear water when there is a drop-off from between 15 to 25 feet.

In rivers you need to be creative because the water current is fast and that can prevent the bass from striking. The bass don’t normally strike when the water current is fast.

When fishing in the woods or areas where there is a lot of vegetation ensure that the topwater color closely resembles that of the surrounding vegetation. Black topwater is used at night because it’s easily noticed by bass.

Interestingly, the smallmouth bass likes the colored topwater like orange and will not hesitate to strike it.

​Best time to fish topwater for bass

Water temperature

The water temperature significantly plays a major role with fish topwater. Temperatures above 55 degrees you should be able to catch a bass. Therefore, the warmer months are suitable for this type of fishing.

Temperatures below 55 degrees are very unsuitable for bass fishing and it’s almost impossible to catch one.​

It is important to note that even when the temperature is warm, it doesn’t mean that you will have a high success rate if you are not prepared enough. You need to be ready and have a good a strategy in place.

When it comes to preparation I always go with PLUSINNO Fishing Lures and this can be found on Amazon.​

The other thing to be wary of is to check if the water temperature is going up or down. What happens is that the cold overnights might affect the water temperatures resulting in topwater being ineffective. Therefore, the steady water temperatures are best for successful fish topwater for bass.​


Light is known to affect topwater success rate. Although there is some uncertainty in this but it’s believed by some fishermen that low light amounts brings out more bass activity.

Therefore, three conditions including sunrise, sunset and when there is cloud cover, are the best conditions for topwater. There is nothing to lose and I have been using this theory myself for some time now.

​Water depth

The bass will strike the lure when it’s closer to it in the shallow waters. Interestingly, they also don’t seem to mind having a go at topwater right in the deeper water. It seems bass will not leave any lure that comes their way whether it’s in shallow or deeper water.

For more success rate I really love fishing in shallow waters. I normally use Shelure Topwater Lures when in shallow or open water and is found on Amazon.


This time of the year the temperatures are warm and the bass likes to feed in this season. They can be found in shallow waters and are really actively searching for food. You can get a go at them in the flats and shelves.


The bass target the baitfish when they are moving into the creeks and pockets during this season. This presents an opportunity to fish the bass as they are busy feeding the baits.

Post spawn

The bass are inactive after spawning. The chance of getting an easy meal is too much to resist and they will go for the topwater. You can get them in the shallow flats or in the deep water near the flats.


It is crucial to know the behavior of bass by identifying their natural habitats so that you can easily know where to take a go at them. Getting to know the type of top water lures provides you with an idea of getting the right ones that are designed for bass.​

Knowing the exact location and the best time to fish topwater will ensure that you get an extraordinary experience. I am sure that for those who didn’t know the best time to fish topwater for bass can now comfortably say they have an idea of where to get their next bass.

If have some questions you would like to be addressed and you are very welcome to shoot some. I will answer whatever question you have and you are also welcome to give a comment regarding this article.​

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