Unveiling the Best Portable Fish Finders

Imagine yourself—sitting on a river bank after you have cast a line and quietly waiting for the fish to grab your lure, a tedious task right? Speculation on whether you are above a fishing spot is now a thing of the past.

The advancing fishing technology makes it possible to see fishes lurking below deep waters, with the use of fish finder. This article will feature three best portable fish finders out in the market.

What is Portable Fish Finder?

Fish finder is a device that uses SONAR( SOund Navigation And Ranging) system that propagates sound underwater to communicate and detect objects under the surface of the water.

High-frequency sound wave is transmitted to a certain depth then if the sound waves hit the objects, it bounces back to the receiver where it analyzes and displays the depth, location, and size of the object. This is the same principle that some animals use for echolocation like bats and dolphins.

Portable Fish Finder uses more advanced technology. It can either be a wired or wireless designed to turn smartphones as a display monitor that shows data collected by a floating sonar ball using Bluetooth and Wireless-Fidelity (Wi-Fi).

How to choose the Best Portable Fish Finder

There are two points to consider when choosing your portable fish finder:


Devices should be packed with different kinds of batteries that give a certain amount of energy. Consider long-lasting batteries when you are mostly fishing on deep open oceans.

Similarly, you can settle for a device with shorter battery span if you intended to fish in rivers and freshwater lagoons where it is easy to go back to the car and recharge the device.


When dealing with portable fish finder, the resolution, and clarity of the display is based on the mobile device it is connected to and the frequency the transducer transmits, higher frequency gives a higher detailed display.

In this light, there's a big difference in the perceived details between a 50 kHz from a 200 kHz.

Advantages of using portable fish finder

Portable fish finders are light-weight and require a little amount of expertise in installation and operation which is perfect for leisure fishing. Aside from this, it allows the fisher to see the bait when it is suspended or tangled to objects and rocks underneath the ocean.

Additionally, it is possible to locate and target specific species and sizes of fish you want to catch. If the fisher needs to dive under water, he has an insight on the contours and obstructions underneath.

Tips on How To Use Portable Fish Finder

Make sure that you are using your fish finder with its specified limits and operating condition. Maximum and minimum depth, temperature and the connection it uses are things to consider to have the device operate to its optimum. Also, zooming the display allows better view and apprehension of the object detected.

Deeper Smart Sonar iPhone iOS and Android Smatphone and Tablet Compatible

Deeper Smart Sonar iPhone iOS and Android Smatphone and Tablet Compatible


A revolutionary product that is one of the first smart sonar compatible with Android and iOS offers special and vital features for fishing. It relays an array of data straight to your smartphone. The depth and temperature of the site you're fishing, the structure of the bottom, what vegetation there is, and (most importantly) where the fish are some of the relayed variables.

Weighing just 3.5oz / 100g and measuring only 2.5ins / 65mm, the Deeper Fish finder is designed to easily be cast, making it ideally suited for fishing from banks, bridges, and docks. It is also great for ice, kayak and float tube fishing.


  • Ability store data in the cloud.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • High-quality clear images displayed.
  • Long range Wi-Fi connection of up to 100 meters


  • Six-month battery cycle life span.
  • Unstable Wi-Fi connection.
The Wi-Fi connection ability of this device for a more accurate transfer of data and wider connection coverage is a major plus. Also, it is idea for a fisher looking for versatility and wide variety of functions.

iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder for iOS and Android devices.

iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder for iOS and Android devices.


Considered the smallest and lightest personal sonar depth finder on the market, the iBobber is the castable fish finder that syncs via Bluetooth and Smartphones like iPhone 4S-6 series, iPad, and android devices. Bluetooth Smart Technology provides a strong, low-energy connection up to 100 feet away and an 8-hour battery life.

There's more to expect from the iBobber Bluetooth Fishfinder - it locates fish up to 135 feet deep and displays them on your phone with the innovative and detailed graphics of the iBobber app. The iBobber sonar and app can map the contour of a waterbed and check water temperature, weather and lunar phases. One of the promising features of iBlobber is the ability to save fishing adventures with GPS tags and a trip log. You can even send the details to your friends back at the office.


  • Extremely small and portable.
  • Works up to 100 feet away.
  • Uses low power Bluetooth for connectivity.
  • Costs less than $100.


  • Needs a separate waterproof case for mobile devices.
It is a high-quality fish finder for a low price. Draining battery life is not much of a problem for this gadget as it uses a low power Bluetooth connection.

Venterior Portable Fish Finder with Wired Sonar Sensor Transducer and LCD Display

Venterior Portable Fish Finder with Wired Sonar Sensor Transducer and LCD Display


Venterior detects and displays water depth, approximate fish location, short tall weeds, sand, and rocks on the seabed. It has a round transducer with 25 ft cable and removable transducer float. It can be used for fishing off the dock, on a boat, and ice fishing. It operates on different fishing environment such as rivers, lakes, sea and other bodies of water with depth ranged from 1 meter to 100 meters.

The most outstanding feature of Venterior is its various features settings such as 5 user-selectable sensitivity, battery save mode, backlight mode and fish alarm unit of measure.

The transmitter is waterproof, but the receiver (unit with screen) is not waterproof, so please do not submerge or spray the fish finder screen with water.


  • Backlight works for night fishing.
  • Works in any conditions.
  • Mounts to your boat or hang around your neck.
  • Has battery saving settings.


  • Does not have a fancy all-color display.
  • Might not work with thick ice.
  • Does not use wireless technology.
This device is a great way of locating fish without spending a lot of money and the cheapest among the reviewed products in this article. It's perfect for fisher who doesn't have much interest with data fed by echo-sounder, for it has a simple user interface.


The three reviewed products above offer different specifications for a specific application but generally work accurately as advertised.

For an occasional fisher looking for simplicity with a little budget, I recommend Venterior, while Ibobber and Deeper are more ideal for a more advanced and versatile fishing for leisure and sports fishing.

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