What Is The Best Plastic Worm For Bass Fishing?

Every time you take a visit to a tackle shop near your place, there will always be a section where a wall is occupied with different rubber worms of all shapes and sizes. The question now, considering all the options a shop presents you is, what is the best plastic worm for bass fishing?

However, before we can answer this will all conviction, we must first the difference between live worms from plastic worms in order to determine the best from the okay to the least commendable.

What Is A Plastic Worm?

A plastic worm or trout worm is a type of fishing lure made of diverse types of synthetic polymers used to bass fishing. It is available in various shapes, colors, and sizes, practically made to mimic an actual earthworm.

Some brands also sell plastic worms that are scented to copy the effect when using a live earthworm as bait when fishing. Moreover, plastic worms can be rigged in different ways when bass fishing, depending on your choice, and can be utilized in either shallow or deep water.​

What Is The Best Plastic Worm For Bass Fishing?

To answer the first question posed in this article, the most recommended fishing bait is the soft type plastic worm for various reasons. First, they are not as expensive as other fishing lures. Second, this type of lure has been used by bass tournament contestants and has won in numerous competitions.

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Senko Worm by Gary Yamamoto is one recommendable soft plastic worm, where the beauty of its simplicity is a standout. It has a thick round plastic exterior which can be rigged in various ways such as wacky style or Texas rigged.

Apart from that, this brand performs well in any body of water. Because of its versatility, the Yamamoto worm ensures a positive response especially from saltwater fish, which is why it is a standout among anglers all over the world.

However, if you are considering catching largemouth bass found in stained water, the best option for you is the Zoom Magnum II Worm. Proven to be on top of its game for decades now, this ribbon tail boasts nine inches in length and has been on its paramount spot anglers.​

It is available in different colors such as junebug, watermelon red, and pumkin. The Zoom Magnum I Worm also works finest using Texas or Carolina rig.

How To Select The Finest Soft Plastic Bait

It is evident that the body of water plays an important role when choosing the rightful soft plastic worm as bait. Here are the four factors to consider:​

1. Color of Plastic Worm for Bass Fishing

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There are different colors that best suit depending on the body of water when you are bass fishing. For instance, use a light or bright colored worm when you are fishing in stained or dark water. Meanwhile, pick a dark or natural color when fishing in clearer water because the base will rely on more on its vision.

2. Size of The Plastic Worm for Bass Fishing

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The two factors you need to consider when choosing the proper size of bait is the clarity of the water and its sink rate. For example, choose a small sized worm when fishing in clear water, while opting for a larger bait in dark water to add attraction.

Moreover, the sink rate will be less fast when using bigger bait because of water displacement. It is important to always consider these facts, especially when you choose not to use weights.

3. The Importance of Tail and Without Tail

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Use a worm with tail in the dirty or murky water, warm water, when you are fishing around spared weeds, and when the bass is active. Hence, use a worm without a tail in the clearer water, open water, cold water, and when bass fishing under dense fishing pressure.

4. The Importance of Worm Weights

The importance of worm weights is to place additional weight to the bait in order to alter its sink rate. This is important to lure the bass to strike. There are also other factors to consider such as your pitching and casting, as well as the fall rate where the worm weights play an important role.

Slow sink usually occurs when there is tough bite, or if the bass is in cold water, and during early spring or late fall. Meanwhile, fast sink happens warm water, active bass, and thick cover.​

Different Types Of Rigs

There are different types of rigs used for bass fishing. The most common are the wacky, Texas, and Carolina rigs. These three examples are also the preferred rig when using the Senko Worm by Gary Yamamoto and the Zoom Magnum II Worm.

1. Texas Rig

Texas rig is perhaps the widely known type of rig among anglers. It is done by wrapping the bait around a hook. You have the option to purchase a special type of hook with oversized hook gap, or you may do Texas rig with the standard Aberdeen or Carlisle hook. Here’s a video on how to do a Texas rig:

2. Wacky Rig

Wacky rig is simply to do by simple hooking it on the middle of the worm bait. Use a wacky ring or a Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap Weedless Hook. Here’s a video tutorial on how to do a Wacky rig:

3. Carolina Rig

Carolina rig is somewhat similar to a Teas rig, but the weight is rigged on top of a swivel that puts distance from the hook and worm bait around 12” to 18” to allow the worm to swim. Here’s a video on how to do a Carolina rig:


Soft plastic worms are the preferred choice when purchasing a lure or bait during your fishing trip. To answer the question, “What is the best plastic worm for bass fishing,“ brands such as Senko Worm by Gary Yamamoto and the Zoom Magnum II Worm are the preferred choice for different bodies of water.

Furthermore, it is important to consider different factors when choosing the proper plastic bait to ensure quality time when bass fishing. Such factors are as follows:

  • Color of the worm bait
  • Size of the worm bait.
  • The importance of the tail and no tail.
  • Worm weights.

Lastly, it is also vital to consider your preferred worm bait by basing it on the type of water you are fishing.

Did you find this article useful? If yes, feel free to tell us why in the comment section located below of this article.​

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