Your Guide To The Best Lures And Jigs For Walleye Fishing

Walleye Fishing is a very popular sport for Anglers for those in Northern United States and Canada where you can find these specific breed of fish. The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) records the largest walleye ever caught at 11.34 kilograms or 25 lbs.

Walleye typically have very excellent vision in low light conditions and are often found feeding during dusk or dawn or during on cloudy and overcast conditions where there is low light penetration of the water. Since most walleye are found in schools together, being able to fish one means that there are several other walleye in the area.

Jigs and Lures for Catching Walleye

To catch your typical walleye, you will need a good jig or lure that is best suited for walleyes. You can’t simply decide to use a regular hook as that may not attract the walleyes at all. Walleyes are often very particular with what they feed.So the kind of bait you use and the lure or jig you use it with can really determine your success in being able to fish a good one.

When choosing a jig and lure, you will need to know the kind of environment you are fishing, how deep the water is and even how strong are the water currents. You will want to see what kind of reel you are using to see if it will also work with the lure or jig you will be using.

13 Of the Best Jigs and Lures

Here are 13 of the best jigs and lures that are available in the market that you can use for your walleye fishing needs.

Cordell Wally Diver Triple Threat


The Cordell Wally Diver was the first true crankbait for walleyes. This is built with a special slender profile created for a tight wiggle. It has an 8lb and a 10lb test line and can be cast on spinning or light baitcasting reel. It can reach depths of 20 feet when trolled or can tease fish while sittiing motionless.


  • Easy to use.
  • Beautiful style and design that mimics your typical walleye bait.
  • Made of High Quality material


  • Not designed to be used with smaller fish.
  • Most effective with walleye, you may want to get something else if you’re looking for an all around lure.


This is great for large walleyes and will probably last you a long time without the need of replacing

Lindy Fuzz-E Grub Jigs - Citrus Chub - 2 in - 1/4 oz


The Lindy Fuzz-e Grub Jig has a soft plastic, grub-style body that actually has a life like appearance. It has a marabou tail that enhances its look and makes it more attractive to any kind of fish you are looking for.

It even has a two-color painted eye that will entice fish to eat the whole bait. You can fish with as is or tip it with a minnow, crawler or leech for added bait.


  • It’s design is lifelike and tantalizing which is great for walleye fishing.
  • You can attach traditional bait to walleye such as minnow.


  • Plastic design may not be as durable.
  • Slightly more expensive than other lures or jigs.


As it is more expensive than most and since it has a soft plastic design, it may not last for very long. You are better off with another lure or rig.

Terminator T1 Willow/Willow Blade Spin Fishing Lure


The Terminator T1 Spinnerbait is very impressive as it comes with an unbreakable titanium construction made to last and durable. It comes with a premium ball bearing swivel to let the lure spin and create an impressive display that will attract any fish and great for walleyes.


  • Impressive and eye-catching design.
  • Built to last.
  • Best for fishing over feeds or trolling it through trees.


  • Expensive.
  • Can only be used specific conditions


Definitely worth trying out as it is very durable. However, be prepared to shell out a little bit more than your usual jig or lure.

Lindy Slick Jig


This lindy slick jig is small and lightweight and probably best for ice fishing. The weight-forward design and the position of the line tie allow for the jig to have a horizontal position on the water.


  • Realistic profile that mimics the look of a minnow or a leech.
  • Perfect for still waters or ice fishing.
  • Not too expensive.


  • Very small jig.
  • May not be good for bigger fish.


Very small jig design is not suited for large walleye. You may want to get something bigger with a bit more weight and colorful design.

Strike King Red Eye Shad Bait


This lure is perfect for shallow water fishing, made for shimmying through it and ripping through weeds. This crankbait also contains free-floating rattles for fish calling appeal. You can use it to fish it fast so that you can cover lots of water area or vertically jig it for icefishing.


  • Great design that will attract attention of fish.
  • Can cover vast areas of water.
  • Prefect for shallow waters.


  • Not designed to go into deep waters.
  • Paint of the lure can easily fade.


Useable for most walleye fishing needs but isn’t able to go into deep waters. And if the paint of the lure easily fades, its usability also goes down. Probably best to take a look at other lures and jigs.

Rapala Shad Rap 05 Fishing Lures


The Rapala Shad Rap is great for casting or trolling. Its premium body and shape are designed to work in either slow or fast-paced fishing. It is hand-tuned and tank-tested to ensure great performance every time.


  • Tried and tested to be durable with maximum performance.
  • Great for casting and trolling.
  • Flexibility in ether slow or fast presentations.
  • Useful for different kinds of fish aside from the walleye.


  • Slightly more expensive.


The only con for this lure and jig is it’s slightly more expensive price but it’s still value for money so you may want to try this lure as it guarantees flexibility whether casting or trolling.

Lindy Watsit Jig


The waitsit jig is designed to mimic a variety of aquatic forage and comes in several colors to match your environment and your needs. It also comes in different sizes and has realistic looking design


  • Realistic looking design of aquatic forage.
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Perfect for areas with lots of aquatic plants.


  • You will need a specific color and size of the jig for the specific type of prey.
  • Can become expensive the more jigs you buy to suit your needs.


As you need to get a jig for every color and type of walleye you are using, it can be very expensive. However, if you have the money to spend, go ahead and purchase the different color designs and shapes and you will have a lure that best suits your different walleye needs.

Rapala Husky Jerk 08 Fishing Lures


This lure is perfectly balanced and can be used to up to 20 feet when trolling or 10 feet when cast and retrieved. It is naturally buoyant and allows bait to suspend when paused which could be the perfect to attract walleye and other fish to feed on it.


  • Realistic design and construction.
  • Useable up to 20 feet in depth.
  • Perfect for walleye and other larger fish.


  • Does not work well when using a baitcaster or spinning reel.
  • Does not cast well.


This lure is perfect for long distances and deep waters which may be especially useful when fishing under clear skies. However, it’s not very easily usable with baitcaster or spinning reels can be a hindrance if you are using those kinds of reels.

Storm Hot 'N Tot MadFlash 05 Fishing Lure


It has a metal lip and an erratic side-to-side searching action. This makes the Storm Hot N Tot Mad Flash perfect choice when it comes in walleye trolling. Very appealing design to fishes and comes with 2 premium black nickel hooks that allow for fish to latch onto it.


  • Perfect for walleye trolling.
  • Has an erratic side-to-side searching action that makes movement more natural to the prey.
  • The two hooks will make sure that fish will continue to latch on to it.


  • Not made for casting or steady fishing.


This luge is probably the best in terms of mimicking small fish in which walleye can feed on. It’s also guaranteed that fish who get caught will be stuck on it for longer periods of time.

Reef Runner 500 Series Little Ripper, 3-3/4-Inch, Perch


This lure comes with a banana shape and a triangular lip that is designed to have a very unique and appealing profile to most fish. It can aggressively dart around and wobbling action that mimics the movements of regular fish.


  • Realistic life-like design.
  • Able to mimic movements of real fish.
  • Appealing and very attractive looking.


  • Hooks are poor and may need to get better ones.


Probably best to stay away from this lure unless you plan to get better hooks for this lure which can be a hassle if you can just purchase one directly.

Livetarget Crawfish Crankbait


This crankbait looks and feels much like a crawfish. It’s great for Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike. It softly deflects off cover and is great for either shallow or deep dive models. It is able to bounce of weeds, woods and rocks.


  • Great design with a precise profile that is so attractive to most game fish.
  • Able to bounce off weed, wood and rocks.
  • Designed to be durable and easy to use.


  • More expensive than most of the crankbaits, lures and jigs on this list.
  • You need to purchase both the deep dive and shallow models if you plan to fish on both.


This is probably one of the best lures out there. Very durable and useable with most reels and is definitely going to have fish bite on to this. It is really worth the try.

This spinnerbait is great for clear water, overcast days or night fishing. You can even use it for heavily pressured waters. It has black blades accented with bright dots without scaring off the fish with too much bright colors.

Mepps Double Blade Black Fury Size 3 Spinner Bait 5/16 oz Orange Dot, BFD3T FL2-O



  • Designed to be used for a variety of fishing conditions.
  • Bright design makes it attractive to fish without scaring them off.
  • Easily the cheapest one of these on the list.


  • Not very easy to use.
  • Is not very durable and can easily rust.


Because there is a tendency for this lure to rust, my suggestion is try another lure instead as there several better ones on this list.

NORTHLAND TACKLE Fish-Fry Minnow Spoon Jig


This jigging spoon carries uses Holographic Baitfish-image design. It’s designed to look like a crippled minnow. It’s great bet for ice fishing or fishing in open waters.


  • Made to look like a crippled minnow that will attract any fish including walleyes.
  • Perfect if you are ice fishing or fishing in open waters.
  • Beautiful lifelike design.


  • It is a very small lure.
  • Hook is harder to set for larger fish.

Northland Tackle Fish-Fry Minnow Spoon Jig

If you are not looking to fish large walleye, this may be a good lure. However, if you want variety and want to ensure walleye will get caught, we suggest you look or another lure.

Final Thoughts

There are many baits, lures and jigs are available to make sure your walleye fishing experience will be topnotch. In the end of the day, you need to choose one that matches your needs the most.

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