Unearthing The Three Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder Reviews In One Place

Whether you are an ice fishing enthusiast or you actually get out there to fulfil that passion, this article is for you. You may never find other Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder Reviews like this one!

This article will enlighten you about fish finders; telling you about what they are, how they work and what to keep in mind when selecting your very own fish finder. Three products have been reviewed below for you to make the best choice.

You'll f​ind product features, their pros and cons and it is our hope that this comprehensive guide will help you in fulfilling your icy passions.

What are fish finders?

Fish finders are sonar equipment that are built to make things easy while fishing. They help you identify the movement of fish underwater near you. Apart from that, these devices can do some high-tech stuff.

Fish ​finders convert electronic impulses reflected off fishes into information that is graphically rendered on the screen of the fish finders. They perform functions like ascertaining how deep the water is, including the physical characteristics of the base of the water and much more, depending on which one you buy.

How do they work?

The keyword here is ‘sonar'. This is the use of echolocation to identify and establish the position of objects submerged in water.

The fish finder makes use of technology with the aid of a transducer to send sound waves underwater. The waves form a beam that gives feedback if any object has been located. The process is not complicated at all.

The only thing is that this device will help you catch the fish, but not the actual catching - ​sorry. It's a fish finder, not fish catcher so it does more of the location as opposed to the actual fishing.

Selecting your ice fishing fish finder

There are various types of fish finders available out there made by many brands. It can take a lot of time before you decide on which of these devices to purchase. There are things you need to consider also because of the many models in the market.

Ice fishing fish finders are very complex devices that spell 'high-tech' boldly. If you just pop into a store or browse online store to buy one, you should always keep in mind how delicate thay are. They are worth your every penny.

Before you select your fish finder, do take note of the following characteristics: design (aesthetic appeal)​, brand name, transducers range, frequency, cone angle and color screen display. Other points you will have to consider include power wattage, direction of scanning, (if it's a downward scan or sideways scan), portability, water-resistance and pricing. With the above criteria, your decision making will be well guided.

Deeper Smart Sonar iPhone iOS and Android Smatphone and Tablet Compatible

Deeper Smart Sonar iPhone iOS and Android Smatphone and Tablet Compatible


This product is manufactured by Deeper and has rave reviews on Amazon. However, those reviews can't beat the best ice fishing fish finder reviews you are reading right now.

It comes with a rechargeable battery. It is smart and portable. The product is wireless and castable, and can float on water.​ It gives real time feedback on the happening underwater straight to the screen of your tablet or smartphone.

This particular fish finder is compatible with Tablet, iOs and Android Smartphones. The Deeper App can be easily downloaded for free. No Wi-Fi connection is needed with this gadget. It comes with a bluetooth access port that can establish a connection with your smartphone.

Deeper Smart Soner can be used to track sunken objects underwater.​ It is also ideal for kayak fishing, boat fishing, shore fishing and yes - ice fishing. It comes in only black, though packaging may vary.


  • It is portable.
  • It has a rechargeable battery.
  • It can be used for many kinds of fishing.


  • It has little components which may be dangerous to children below the age of 4 if swallowed.
The really good thing about this fish finder is that it can perform many functions and has many features regardless of its size.

Vexilar FLX-28 Ice ProPack II Locator with Pro View Ice Ducer

Vexilar FLX-28 Ice ProPack II Locator with Pro View Ice Ducer


There is something unique about this particular fish finder. It is the fact that its features will were made for mainly ice fishing.

Vexilar's technology is one word - 'ice-breaking'. They have improved over the years with various versions from the FL-8 to the FLX-28 model. The FL-12 has a Demo mode where you can see how the device operates with very engaging simulation.

Want to know why it's so cool for ice fishing? It's got zoom zones, brightness settings, color settings, Auto Range setting, digital view, power settings and a maximum range of 300 feet. But the above is not a complete list. There are just too many features to benefit from. Its flasher display may be or is the best.


  • 300 foot maximum range.
  • Day/Night mode.
  • Very good for ice fishing.
  • Battery status.
  • Very high digital depth and sophisticated display.


  • None.
This particular fish finder was made for ice fishing, no doubt about it. Its features will serve your ice fishing needs.

Vexilar PP1812D FL-18 Pro Pack II 12-Degree Ice-Ducer Combo with DD-100

Vexilar PP1812D FL-18 Pro Pack II 12-Degree Ice-Ducer Combo with DD-100


This is another Vexilar product that will your ice fishing passions on. Vexilar just had to focus on pleasing ice fishing lovers. The difference in this is that it comes with a 12-Degree Ice-Ducer combo with DD-100.​

Vexilar has been producing stuff for ice fishing for years and they have been a company since 1960. The Vexilar FL-18 has a split screen that enhances your experience by focusing on the bottom of the water column.

Most reviewers can't really say anything bad about this, based on some best ice fishing fish finders reviews.​ Don't forget that it has a zoom feature that redefines ice fishing. It may be hard to understand it all at first, but you will het the hand of it as you use it more.


  • Very reliable for ice fishing.
  • It can help you get more fish than many others.
  • Ability to block interference.
  • Durability.


  • None.
This one also focuses on ice fishing. This was definitelt made with only ice fishing in mind. You may be stuck with two alternatives now.


According to this article on the best ice fishing fish finder reviews, the product that is best suited for ice fishers is definitely the VexilarFl-12 IcePropack.​

This is because it is obvious​ that it was made specially for ice fishers and its high visibility and more all-round features are very essential for fishing in cold waters. It gives your passion an edge. Now go catch more fish!

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