Best Freshwater Fish To Eat For A Balanced Diet

Do you feel like your definition of being a meat-eater puts you in the "needing bacon, sausage, steak or chops at every meal" category? And if so, has this habit made you feel a bit too carnivorous, heavy and unbanlanced? There are solutions, and bringing fish into your diet is at the top of the list.

​Expand your horizons by learning about some of the best freshwater fish to eat in order to lead a healthier lifestyle and a more balanced diet.

​Say yes to farmed fish

As ​a general rule, farmed freshwater fish is usually much more popular in comparison to lake fish and for good reasons. While many lake fish are exposed to a variety of contaminants which can often make them a questionable source of healthy proteins, farmed fish, on the other hand, are not.

They ​are a healthier option because they are contained in cleaner environments, such as ponds, that are regularly monitored and the foods they are given to eat is controlled and nutritious. So whenever possible, opt for getting farmed fish instead of lake fish so that you can take advantage of the best freshwater fish there is to eat.

Farmed rainbow trout

Firstly, it must stated that farmed rainbow trout is some of the most commonly sold, and so you shouldn't have any problems getting your hands on it. And as for its health benefits, make no mistake that it is one of the best freshwater fish to eat.

Trout is an oil-rich source of protein, and when we say this, we are of course referring to the types of oils our bodies need and crave. It is also high in omega-3 fatty acids, low in saturated fats​ and the perfect light-meal option that will keep you from feeling heavy and bloated all throughout the night.

Farmed silver or coho salmon

This option may come as a surprise to those of you who thought salmon was a fish found only in the deep blue ocean. For all of you out there who weren't aware ​of its existence, know that there is indeed such a thing as freshwater salmon and oh boy it's fantastic.

This salmon is a meidum sized fish and so it is not only easier to farm in comparison to other types of salmon, but it is also safer as it is less likely to be exposed to bacteria and parasites. And what's more, this freshwater ​is relatively low in fat and can therefore make for a healthy meat option that is both soft and moist.


This type of fish is the smallest listed in this article, but also amongst the best freshwater fish to eat. One of the things that make ​this type of sunfish nutritious and healthy is that it is free of carbohygrates. It is alse a lean fish and so it is ideal for those seeking a low-calorie meal.


This is a fish that likes to roam in the rivers and lakes of North America. It is a wonderful source of Vitamin B-12 and is also low in mercury, somehing which is important to lookout for when shopping for fish.

And in addition to that, it is low in calories, has been rated one of the most popular fishes comsumed by Americans and, for all you big eaters out there, is found in a wide variety of sizes so, no matter your appet​ite, you'll be able to find the right-sized catch for you.

​White bass

This fish is quite unlike the familiar other types of bass, such as largemouth and smallmouth bass, due to its small size. It is usually found weighing anywhere between 1 to 3 pounds and so, although you might want to eat a good few in order to feel satisfied, there's no doubt that it is one of the most delicious and best freshwater fish to eat when pan-fried with a squeeze of lemon.

As with many other fish, white bass is a good source of Vitamins B-12 as well as B-6, contains essential oils and omega-3 fatty acids, and is low in calories.

Eating freshwater fish regularly...

is an essential part of forming a healthy diet. Not only are they filled with a variety of nutrients and essential oils that help people stay healthy and strong, they are also delicious and easy to prepare.

By adding some of the best freshwater fish to eat to your weekly routine, you will actively be participating in maintaining a balanced diet and leading a happier, healthier life. Let us know which freshwater fish you like best!

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