How To Choose The Best Bass Lures

For the serious angler, be they seasoned or amateur, bass fishing is a popular hobby. The question that remains almost as popular as the activity itself, though, is “What should I use?” After all, there are so many ways people are told to try and catch bass. It can get overwhelming.

This shouldn’t be hard, right? Just need to choose between crankbaits, topwaters, spinnerbaits, jigs, jerkbaits, swimbaits, spoons, and soft plastics… Okay, that’s a lot to pick from. What do you do? Fear not, dear reader. Let’s see just how to choose the best bass lures.

What To Consider

There are a few factors that need to be consistently considered. It’s important to remember that bass strike at lures for two reasons: either they’re hungry, or they’re mad. So the purpose of a lure is to either look like food, or be annoying.

So generally speaking, you should have multiple types of lures, some to look like a snack and some to look like a mother-in-law. We’re going to look at five types of lures, what situations they work in, and when to use them.


Strike King Square Bill Crankbait


Crankbaits are baits you crank. Easy. A lot of pros like using crankbait because of the range they can cover, the depth they can go, the way they actually dive deeper as they’re reeled in, and how they annoy the devil out of bass.


A-SZCXTOP Fishing Lures Topwater Floating Popper Poper Lure Hooks Bait Bass Crankbait


Topwater baits are made to act like a fish that’s hurt and running from something. This appeals to hungry bass that want a good snack, and to bass easily annoyed by things that dare run near it.


Threemart Mini-King Fishing Hard Spinner Lure Spinnerbait Pike Bass 16.3g/17g


Spinnerbait are light and are, you guessed it, bait that spins. They tend to work best at night or in murky water. The metal blade attracts attention as it dances around, and the vibration as the blade spins gets draws them in.


BiCO Jigs Lead Free Bass Jigs


Jigs are extremely versatile, because they can mimic pretty much anything. There are also several types, and each one can be appropriate in its own unique circumstances.


Sougayilang Fishing Lure Soft Bait 6Pcs Plastic Worm Shrimp Lures for Trout Bass Salmon Freshwater Saltwater Fishing


Good old plastic worms. A lot like regular worms, but without the need to catch or touch actual worms!Using soft plastics does allow for some versatility. They make great scout bait and cover a good distance.

Here are 5 products we recomcomend:

That’s our overview! So how do we choose the best bass lures for a particular situation? Here are a few quick considerations:

Time of Year: During parts of the year when it’s cold and just warming up, bass are deeper in the water and move slowly. As things warm up, they start moving to the shallows. Then in summer, they tend to go back and forth between the two.

Terrain: Some basic rules of thumb to remember: cranks and jigs for deep water, jigs, plastics, and spinners for grassy places, topwater and crankbait for teasing out from wood cover. Anything can get tangled, of course. So be smart.

Now that we know what to look for, we know what to think about when picking what to use and when, let’s look at a few actual products, give them a review, and see how they stack up and help us to choose the best bass lures.

Strike King Square Bill Crankbait


Not a bad looking crankbait! This says 3-6 feet, so it sounds like it’d be good in shallow water. Inexpensive, too, so that’s a plus. This would be great for teasing a big boy out from under a log or inside a stump. Let’s take a good look.​


  • It has a nice buoyancy and swims very well.
  • Even though it says 6 feet is the limit, it actually works well a bit deeper than that, so it’s good for medium depth, as well.


  • The only real con is that it isn’t anything spectacular. It’s all around decent, but it isn’t something that I feel I must always have with me.


Rebel Pop R Triple Threat


Next up we have a three-pack of topwater lures. Just reading over the description and glancing at the reviews, I already have high expectations. We don’t get a lot of information, though, just hints and promises at effectiveness. So we’ll see.​


  • It’s a three pack, so that’s good. Always nice to have multiples.
  • They’re very light and easy to cast a good distance.
  • Good excuse to drink lots of coffee.


  • You are going to be so tired. These work amazing on early morning bass. They seem to be unable to resist them, and you’ll have no trouble catching. But that’ why we have coffee.
  • The eye for the line is extremely small. Even with my glasses I have trouble seeing it.


Booyah Pond Magic


Booyah spinners are designed for any freshwater fish, but they’ve specialized in bass for a while. They’re kind enough to give suggestions on the best rigs to use for good results. These are specially designed for small ponds, which is unique and should be fun.​


  • Man this thing is tiny. That’s good for what it’s designed for, though.
  • The colors are good, and do seem to help draw attention.
  • It does actually get attention from smaller game.


  • Man this thing is tiny. If you’re not careful and you have a bad habit of gripping things too hard, it will bend out of shape very easily.
  • More than just being a little bendy, the quality feels lacking, especially for a Booyah product.


BiCO Jigs Lead Free Bass Jigs


Wow. These seem particularly high quality for jigs. I’m not usually a big fan, but I’m actually looking forward to trying this one out. We’ll see how it goes!​


  • It went well! Very, very well. This thing is ridiculously good. The craftsmanship is the first thing to stand out. It’s like it’s built to take down something far stronger than fish. I’m pretty sure it could.
  • I won’t lie, one of the reasons I never liked jigs was because no matter how much I practiced and despite it supposedly being nearly impossible to do, I always got hung up, usually in grass. Not with this. I’m not sure how, but I just haven’t.
  • It’s extremely versatile and can be used with multiple techniques, just as listed, but it works great as a swimmer.


  • I mean… It doesn’t reel itself? It doesn’t bring me a beer? I don’t know, it’s changed my opinion on jigs. Or this jig, at least.


Yamamoto Senko Bait


After that jig it’s really hard to get excited about this, but I’m a professional. Here we go. They sell the versatility pretty heavily. That’s always a good thing. The salt can help get attention, whether it’s from agitation or hunger.​


  • Senkos are always a good bet, honestly. They’ve done really well ever since they were developed, and this one is no different.
  • Good color to them, makes them great for murky water.
  • They almost never fail to get at least one strike.


  • The durability is terrible, as it always has been. Pretty sure it’s supposed to be, though, which is kinda lame, but you can’t exactly blame them.
  • The price becomes an issue because of the lack of durability. If you watch the sales closely enough you can buy in bulk when they’re discounted and they’ll last a while.



So who’s our winner and what’s our takeaway? The winner is pretty clearly the BiCO Jig. It was an absolute surprise to me. But the Rebel Pop R scored the same, right? The others were all the right types of bait, too. So why the BiCO? Let’s look at our criteria.​

Time of year: The Rebel Pop and Senkos can only be used when it’s warm and bass are in the shallows. The Booyah isn’t going to be able to get deep enough in the cold. The Strike King might, but it isn’t rated for that. But the BiCO won’t have that problem.

Terrain: It’s a versatility thing, again. Rebel Pop and Senko are out because they’re only for one type of terrain each. Booyah because of its size. The Strike King has a better chance in this test, but the BiCO outperforms it.

You should consider keeping all of these in your tackle box, absolutely. But now you know when you have them exactly how to cheese the best bass lures to use in any given situation.​

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